To read #SexySnippets today you'll need a fan, and a long cold drink #paranormalromance

Today snippet is from Tuesday's Siren release
Surprising the Alpha
The Venn Pack in Love
Surprising the Alpha
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Joshua Venn is looking for answers. It's one hot summer and someone hides a secret. This alpha is in for more than one surprise.

7 sentences
Let me see you come. You are so fucking gorgeous. I could fuck you all night and watch you come over and over. Fuck with me. Come for me. Let me hear you moan.” He rammed his cock onto her clit and slid it deep into her pussy.


  1. Oh yes!! Love your snippet. Sizzling hot!!! I need to read the whole book.

  2. Phew. *fans self vigorously* You weren't kidding about needing to cool after. Loved it!!!!

  3. Hot! Face in fridge time. Super snippet.


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