Wolf #shifter Wednesday from WIP 'Wolf Bond' paranormal romance #teaser #midweektease

Liberty Venn longs for love after her alpha brother, Joshua Venn, found it with Dani Cruz. It's a year after the Cruz entrepreneurs have regenerated the town and saved Liberty from closing her cafe. One day a man arrives in the cafe and Liberty is instantly drawn to him. Eden Farrell has come to town and everything is about to change.

Releasing in October 2015 from Siren Publishing

Read the teaser:

Liberty bent to Eden and kissed his mouth.

The sweetness in the soft, quick, kiss ignited Eden’s need for her further. A murmur of disappointment escaped him as she drew away. “Thank you. I want more.” He smiled gently.
Liberty’s eyes flooded with affection. “So do I, but sadly I have to work.”
Eden caught her wrist in his hand as she turned to leave his table.

She looked into his eyes.

Her soft skin under his fingers and the sheer desire in her expression made his cock jerk. He let her go. Eden drank some of his coffee and then left the rest to go cold as he watched Liberty with feverish devotion. Her every move enchanted him.
Craig came to Eden’s table with the coffee pot and refilled his cup.
Eden grabbed up a newspaper that had been left on a nearby table, and pretended to read it, but all the time he feasted on the sight of Liberty moving around the café, occasionally glancing his way, until finally she arrived back at his table.

“You’re boring holes in me with those admittedly gorgeous blue eyes staring at me the whole time. Craig’s asked if he should get you to leave. He thinks you’re creepy. Are you?” She grinned mischievously.
© Elodie Parkes 2015
Currently sitting around 16 in the top 30 bestsellers on Siren, Surprising the Alpha, The Venn Pack in Love 1
Joshua Venn is looking for answers. It's one hot summer and someone hides a secret. This alpha is in for more than one surprise.

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