From November Siren release, #paranormal #suspense 'Captive Wolf' it's #MWTease

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Today's tease is from 'Captive Wolf' paranormal suspense set to release from Siren in November

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Ryder dozed fitfully, suddenly jerking fully awake at the sound of the bolts and lock opening on the door behind him. He stared ahead hoping it was the young woman and not one of the hunters back to break his spirit further trying to force him to shift.

The young woman passed him as the door closed with a creak. She placed a tray on the table and dropped a bottle of water she’d had clasped between her arm and upper body into her hands, catching it and uncapping it as she came toward Ryder. She levelled her blue eyes on him.
“You look a little better. Not much, but in less pain. Are you?”

Ryder struggled to take a breath to answer. The chest straps still pressed too much to take more than a shallow breath. “Not really.”

She let him drink and then put the bottle on the table. As she crossed the room back to him, her expression held sympathy. “I’m going to do something for you, but you have to promise me you’ll not try to escape. There’s a man with a rifle outside the door and although he’ll not kill you, he will lame you, and that will be very bad. Promise?”

Ryder slumped, dispirited. He didn’t want to promise this kind young woman he wouldn’t try to escape, because he’d told himself that at the first opportunity he would. It had kept him going through the early days and nights of torture before he was too injured to think straight.

She touched his arm lightly. “Please, because I’m longing to ease more of your pain.” 
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 Siren Publishing
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