From upcoming release #romanticsuspense 8 sentences for #ScintillatingSunday

From 'An Unusual Vacation,' October release from Evernight Publishing 
8 sentences for #ScitillatingSunday

He barely saw the paintings this time around. He watched Michelle smile and exclaim delight at the color and light in the artwork. He soaked up her touch as she held his arm or his hand. Dominic’s imagination ran riot. Michelle made his heart beat fast. He imagined being in bed with her, naked, kissing her hard, hearing her moan as she came. His gaze settled on her shapely thighs as she went ahead of him to the final painting in the exhibition. Those shorts were great. Made of a different fabric from the jacket, but almost the same color, along with her fuck-me shoes, they made her look as if she’d stepped off the cover of a magazine. She’s so beautiful.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015
An Unusual Vacation
At thirty-two Dominic Carr thinks it’s time he met a girl he could love. He’s tired and jaded from his high power job, and hoping that this summer’s vacation will be refreshing. When he sees Michelle Vega in the art gallery of a harbor town he visits, her long legs in pink couture shorts grab his attention.

Michelle Vega has everything to hide except her beauty and her instant attraction to Dominic. She’s not on vacation as she visits the gallery—more like on business.

As the two of them fall into a hot romance, Dominic is sure Michelle could be ‘the one,’ but Michelle is filled with doubt when she considers how he might react to discovering her secrets.

When Michelle’s business takes a dangerous twist Dominic finds he’s pulled into a perilous situation.
Will this be a test of his love or the finish of it?

A romantic suspense to delight.


  1. I think these two are going to make a really HOT couple. ヅ

  2. You got my attention! Where can I get those "fuck me shoes"? ;)


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