Let's have a little temptation with #ScintillatingSunday from 'Surprising the Alpha' #paranormalromance

8 sentence #ScintillatingSunday

The bottom of a swirling black tattoo peeked out from under one sleeve of his T-shirt and as he’d hunkered down, she caught a glimpse of another pattern low on his stomach. Temptation clawed at her. She imaged tracing her finger down the pattern into his jeans, and contacting the delicious erection she knew he’d tried to hide. The thought forced her nipples to peak even in the warmth of the day.
He’d stared at her with such frank desire and sexual need in his eyes it made her pussy clench. She’d almost reached out and run her hand along his delicious jaw when he squatted close to her. Whoever he was she wanted to know him. She wanted him in a way she’d never experienced.
© Elodie Parkes 2015 Siren Publishing
Paranormal romance with a twist, this is book one in The Venn Pack in Love. Books 2 and 3 are out October and November from Siren.
Get your romance shifter fix with a twist of suspense.
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