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From, A Little Mysterious, Evernight Publishing
He’d been sent off course…he thought he was lost…until he found Daisy. 

His vampire abilities were special. He belonged to an elite group. Moving home, they are set off course by a storm that lands Dhruv alone, hungry, and desperate in a strange town. A story of lust, love, and coincidence.

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He does want me…he does…he’s hoping I’m not put off by last night.
Daisy poured his coffee and took it to him.
He put out his hand and covered hers as she held the saucer to place the coffee in front of him. She felt the coolness of his skin and it made her feel feverish with desire. They locked eyes.
His gaze was filled with longing. Daisy knew she returned that look. She turned away, knowing that her nipples were hardening into peaks that might show through her light, cotton, work shirt. She felt a rush of dampness in her panties and her clit felt huge as her entire pussy clenched with desire.
She moved slowly away to another customer. All she could think of was having Dhruv’s cool hand between her legs, having those cool fingers stroke her clit, and then push deep so that she felt filled with them. The need was so strong she had to ask the next customers twice for their orders and apologize as her voice came out in a whisper.
Dhruv watched her with his ice blue eyes boring into her, until finally at almost ten, when the last of the food was served, and the kitchen began to wind down, she went to him.
“I can leave now as my shift ends at ten. Walk me home? It’s not far. I’d really like to talk with you, find out more about you. Dhruv, I…” She lost her nerve. It was okay because he nodded.

“Me too. I’ll walk with you.”

Copyright Elodie Parkes

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5 stars on Readers' favorite
"  A Little Mysterious is a steamy love story guaranteed to burn up the sheets and the story of how Dhruv came to find Daisy was fantastic. Although this is a short story, Parks packs it with all the right details to make us not only care about the characters, but about how their story turns out."

4 steaming coffee cups from Coffee Time Romance for A Little Mysterious 

"From the outset of the story, the sexual attraction which Daisy and Dhruv feel for one another is clear. As the story develops so too do their feelings, but their sexual chemistry is always in the fore. This is a short and sexy read and difficult to write about without giving away a major part of the plot. However, I must admit to loving the twist in the tale. It was unique and inventive and in my opinion demonstrated that the author had given this particular turn of events a great deal of thought. If you love sexy, contemporary, vampire stories with a surprise ending, then this is certainly the read for you."

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