Is this his last meal? From The Venn Pack in Love 3, Captive Wolf #MWTease and #Coverreveal #romanticsuspense

From November 4 Siren Publishing release The Venn Pack in Love 3, Captive Wolf
#MWTease and #Coverreveal

When Ryder Venn sets out to do a favor for his alpha brother, Joshua, he thinks it’s just an ordinary day. Little does he know the horror and adventure that awaits him. Captured and tortured by shifter hunters, Ryder wakes to the gentle care of Evie Thomas.
As Ryder Venn falls in love with the mysterious girl who nurses his wounds and feeds him, Evie discloses her reason for being part of the hunter’s group. She’s infiltrated the club, determined to avenge her brother’s death at one of their leader’s hands. As Evie reveals her identity and plans to Ryder, they fall into a heated and passionate love affair. Meanwhile, the shifter hunters plot to force Ryder into cage fighting. The trouble is just who or what will they make him fight?
Deep in love, Ryder marks Evie as his mate.
Gorgeous Ryder will do anything for her.
Lovely Evie will do anything to free him.

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Ryder scented the air. Somewhere the freshness of night, mingled with straw and fresh cut grass filtered into the stable block. He turned and went to lie on the bed with the quilt bulked in his arms so that he felt as if Evie was still there and sleeping.

A guard woke him running a baton along the bars in the front of the stall.

Ryder sat up disoriented for a moment before he realized it was the morning of fight night and the guard, not Evie, had brought food.

He aimed a shotgun at Ryder. “Stay on that side of the cell and we won’t have a problem. Here’s the only food you’ll get today so make it last. The shower room door is unlocked. All you gotta do is pull it open. I’ll be back for you at sundown.” He placed a tray on the floor and opened the door. Then he pushed the tray through the opening with his foot. He closed the door and walked off.

Ryder got out of bed. He went to the door that led to the steps and the shower room. The handle, which was merely a circle of metal on the door gave no clue as to if the door was locked or unlocked. He held the handle and pulled. The door opened. Ryder took the steps to the shower room wondering if he’d still be naked if Evie hadn’t brought him some clothes.

He used the facilities, but only when he was ready to ascend the steps back to his cell, did he look at his reflection in the mirror. The cuts and abrasions were healing a little, not as fast as Ryder would like, but that was probably down to shifting. His wolf bulk was so much more than his human form and the change would have unsettled the healing wounds.

In the cell, he put on the chinos and shirt, wishing he had clean clothes. I wonder if these actually belonged to some dead guy? He went to the tray and picked it up. There was a dishtowel draped over it and the plate was covered with a metal cover to keep the food warm. Ryder assumed the guard had taken what the cook gave him, because there was steak and eggs on the plate. On a side-plate were a couple of pieces of buttered toast and an apple. A bottle of spring water rolled to the front of the tray. Ryder ate the toast having stuffed the two fried eggs between them. He saved the steak and apple for later. The day stretched ahead of him with little to do but fret about the evening event called fight night.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 Siren Publishing
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