Release day for a new story from the much loved Venn Pack in Love . Wolf Bond brings you #suspense sex and surprise. #PNRmonth #teaser

Liberty Venn longs for love after her alpha brother, Joshua, found it with Dani Cruz. It’s a year after the Cruz entrepreneurs have regenerated the town and saved Liberty from closing her cafe.
When a stranger arrives in town, he instantly captures lonely Liberty’s attention. Drawn to him by a deep undeniable instinct, Liberty loses her heart when Eden Farrell flirts with her.
Will he be the lover she’s begun to long for?
Eden Farrell, PI, wolf shifter, gorgeous, goes after what he wants, and now he wants Liberty. He recognizes the wolf in her long before she knows what he is. He ignites a passion in Liberty and she delights him with her response.
As a deep bond forms between them, danger follows Eden. He’s in love with Liberty, and believes nothing will keep him from her. Trouble is; danger is out to find them both.
Read an Excerpt :
Ryder murmured against her mouth, “Evie, this feels so good. I want you so badly.”
She sat up and pulled off her T-shirt. Her breasts pushed out, the nipples hard and she brought his hands to hold them.
“I want you, too.” Her voice reduced to a whisper, she grasped his cock as he gently kneaded her breasts. Evie savored the feel of him, and acutely aware of the torture he’d endured, she softened her touch as her fingertips reached his balls.
Ryder opened her jeans and Evie stood to let him push them down her thighs.
She took them off and stood before him in her panties. A tremble went through her. The desire welling up inside her was so strong her clit buzzed and her pussy throbbed. She could hardly wait to feel him inside her.
He took a deep breath. “You are lovely,” he whispered. He leaned to her and kissed along her stomach and hips, his hands gentle on the sides of her body.
Evie drifted in the pleasure of his touch. Her stomach tightened under his lips. She angled her hips to him wanting, needing his fingers inside her. Her pussy clenched and cream drenched her panties.
Ryder made a soft sound and plunged a hand down inside them. “I can sense your need. Your scent’s beguiling.” He ran a finger around her folds, and then he pushed two cream-coated fingers into her. “Fucking hell, you feel like heaven.” He nuzzled her breasts as he fingered her, making low sexy sounds that sent tingles racing over every inch of Evie’s body.
She held his head, tunneling her fingers in his thick dark hair, and bucked on his fingers. Nothing had ever felt so good. She pulled his head back from her breasts to bend and kiss him, sliding her tongue on his.
Ryder groaned as he returned her kiss. He circled her clit with his thumb as his fingers stroked deep inside her pussy.
Evie’s pussy creamed until juices ran down her thighs and over Ryder’s palm. She kissed him so hard she drew back and checked she hadn’t hurt him. “Ryder, if I don’t have your cock in me soon, I’m going to die.”
He smiled tenderly and withdrew his fingers gently.
Her breath hitching, Evie dragged her panties off.
“Ride me. Come here.” He grabbed her waist and pulled her over him so that she straddled him easily, a knee either side of his hips.
She held his cock for a moment, savoring the length and hardness under her palm, and then she guided the head to her entrance and sat slowly down on his enticing erection. She took it slow, so that every inch sent delicious sensations through her, stretching, filling until her clit grazed on the base of his shaft.
She watched Ryder’s expression, gazing into his eyes, happy that they reflected the same pleasure she felt. She leaned over him and kissed his mouth. The touch of his lips sent pulses through her pussy. His cock in her and his lips on hers—so erotic, so delicious—she couldn’t think for a few moments.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 Siren Publishing
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