The Space Wars continue with the next installment from @AprilZyon 'Cecilia's Mate' #erotic #SciFi #BDSM


 The Space Wars are continuing with the next installment, Cecilia's Mate! To catch up you can start with Adira's Mate which is the first book in the series. After that book is Sadie's Mate. The third book in the series is Cecilia's Mate. I'm excited about this book because Cece is the baby brother of Bracken, the hero in Sadie's Mate. CeciliasMate-evernightpublishing-jayaheer2015-banner1

Cecilia's Mate

Space Wars 3

by April Zyon

Published by Evernight Publishing

Erotic Sci-Fi, BDSM

Cecelia Kauller has always felt invisible. First with her family, and then with the man she knows is to one day be hers. But things are about to change, and not for the better in her mind. When Cecelia discovers she’s about to be sold off to a man her older sister plans to have as a lover it all becomes too much. She can’t take any more and runs to the only place she knows she will be safe, with her brother. Lieutenant Colonel Draven Ackermann has always felt out of place in life. Being a part of the Craegin Armada gave him purpose, and a sense of being. Now that he’s reached a point in his life where he can focus on more than a career, he only wants one person to fill that void. Unfortunately she happens to be his commanding officers baby sister. Although they can now finally admit who they are to one another there is still one important step both must take, telling Cecelia’s brother that they are bondmates. Not an easy conversation, but one that is necessary for the happiness of them both. As they settle into their new lives, and prepare for the next step of marriage, the universe decides to shake life up a little more. Draven receives news that shatters all he’s ever known, and turns his life upside down. Cecelia stands strong at his side, as a bondmate should, and helps Draven to regain his footing. She will always do whatever is necessary to help him as he has helped her through all the changes in her life. She can do now other, he is her love, her heart, and her every dream. He is Cecelia’s mate.    
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Slowly rubbing a thumb to the scar that rode his jaw line from left ear to midway along the right side, Draven watched Bracken and his wife, Sadie. The two were deep in discussion. One that his colonel didn’t appear to be enjoying. Sharing a look with one of the lieutenants sitting nearby, he almost snorted when the younger man rolled his eyes. Pretty much how he was feeling about the situation. Not that he was about to stick his nose in between those two. He liked Sadie. She was good for Bracken. For a long time he’d worried for his colleague and friend. Bracken had been so angry for much too long. But the moment Sadie had come back into his life he’d begun to calm. He still had a quick temper on him but he didn’t stay angry for very long. His wife wouldn’t let him. Finally the two of them seemed to get on the same wavelength and Bracken waved him over. Shooting Sadie a wink, he faced the colonel. “So she talked you into whatever she wanted you to do, I take it.” “Shut up, Draven,” Bracken muttered. He was taking that as a yes given Sadie’s satisfied smirk. “Yes, sir. Now, what else needs to be moved? And remember I need to be back on the ship in six hours to accept the delivery of supplies we have coming in.” “I know,” he said with a nod. He waved to the remaining boxes in view in the storage room. “She has a few furniture pieces in the other unit but we’ll worry about that later. We definitely don’t have time to wrestle them out of here before we leave.” Draven nodded, then signaled a couple of the others over to help him with the last of the boxes. Moving to one, Draven picked it up and took it out to the rental conveyance they had outside the storage bins. He set his box down, turned to take another, and set it in place. Once it was loaded up he moved to the control panel and programmed in the address of Sadie’s ancestral home. When it acknowledged the address, he set the conveyance off with its instructions. Turning, he headed back to where the others waited. They’d be going to meet the rental soon enough.
* * * *
He glared at Sadie when she handed him another box with directions on where it needed to go. “You know you’re damn lucky I like you, right?” She smiled at him, then pointed in the direction he was supposed to go. Damn woman was a bossy little thing. Shaking his head, he took the box up to the room the couple had decided would be used for storage until Sadie could go through everything she’d brought over. He set it down but stalled on his way back down to the main level. He needed to get out of there and back to port. If he went down there again, Sadie would task him with something else. Which would delay his departure greatly, and Bracken had given strict orders on who needed to be on the destroyer when they had anything brought on board. When Sadie moved into another room Draven slipped down the stairs and sidled up next to Bracken. “Colonel, I have to leave. I’ll be cutting it close in getting back to the port as is.” “Go, I’ll handle my wife,” Bracken told him. “Yeah, good luck with that.” Grinning, he headed for the front door. Once he was outside he checked his time piece and walked down the path to the front street and cursed. He would be cutting it way too close. Draven had dug out his communications piece and was about to put it in place in his ear, when a blur came around the bend and slammed into him. He dropped the piece and caught the tiny frame. The sound of his name in her breathy tone had him tightening his hold on her arms. “By the stars, Cecilia.” He’d have said more but the panicked look in her eyes stalled him out. “What’s wrong?” he asked softly, automatically pulling her in closer to his body.

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