For #MWTease a delicious meeting from Serendipity #eroticromance in the #anthology 'Naughty Bedtime Stories' from @HotInkBooks

When Lizzie goes Christmas shopping on the first day off work she has in a month, she looks for great gifts to give her sister and her mom. She visits the biggest department store in town with the best lingerie department. Lizzie is convinced she'll find something special there. She doesn't realize just how special.
Ryan is browsing in the same shop, anxious to cheer up his sick sister with a pretty gift. He's certain he'll find it in the lingerie department. Overwhelmed by the choices on offer, he looks around for someone to help him choose and notices Lizzie...
A story of serendipity, lust, and love. 
in the Naughty Bedtime First Taste Antho

Lizzie abruptly turned to walk back to the rails of slips and nightdresses, and she bumped right into someone.Her face level with a glimpse of blue shirt visible through the gray overcoat swinging open, Lizzie guessed this was a man. She raised her eyes simultaneously apologizing.
“Sorry,” and then she registered his face. 

Brown eyes sparkled, perfect lips parted to speak. “No, it’s my fault.” 

His voice as dark and sexy as bittersweet chocolate flowed over Lizzie. She stared at him. Her heart suddenly racing, she stepped to one side. This man messed with her equilibrium just by standing there in front of her. He ranked as one of the most gorgeous men she’d seen so far in her twenty-eight years. Lizzie knew her gaze was laden with desire.

“I saw you pick out a lovely set of underwear, beautiful, but a little big for you I’d say.” He hesitated over the description of the bra and panty set, and a delicious expression of amusement appeared in his eyes. He moved to stand in front of her again when another customer elbowed him aside. 

Lizzie’s heart hammered, her nipples tightened, and she sighed inwardly at her strong reaction to this man. Tall, very handsome in a rugged manly way, his jaw darkened by a shade of stubble, a wash of longing waved over Lizzie as she drank in the sight of him. 

He grinned at her mischievously and a dimple appeared in his left cheek. It made him even more attractive. “We’re in the way, but I’m trying to buy a gift. I’d love to have your help if you have the time to give.” 

Lizzie’s stomach muscles tensed. Her heartbeat showed no signs of slowing. I’d give him anything. What the hell, I’ll help him. He’s so yummy. Her thoughts tumbled in her head and she nodded. “Sure, what can I do for you?”

“Thank you.” The warmth in his expression was fit to melt Lizzie, the rail of underwear, and probably anything within a five-yard perimeter. “I need something pretty for a woman about your build, but here’s the catch, nothing sexy, pretty, but not sexy. This is all sexy.” He waved his hand around at the sales floor of lingerie.

Lizzie suppressed her amusement. “Not everything. Have you asked a store assistant?”

He shook his head and his lovely dark hair fell endearingly forward onto his forehead.
“I’d rather not do that. I don’t think they’ll get what I mean.” He ran his hand through his hair.

Lizzie admired the display of muscled arm in his overcoat sleeve, and the way his shirt moved over the muscles in his chest. She sighed audibly as her thighs clenched.

He must have heard it. His look apologetic, he half-turned as if to go. “I’m sorry, maybe you’re too busy.”

“No, it’s okay.” She walked to the rail of slips and he followed closely. She soaked up his proximity. The faint waft of woody cologne, his tangible sexuality, and his masculine presence coated her with longing. Lizzie yearned to press against his hard body and have his strong arms around her. She fought down her sighs of appreciation for this delicious man.

Lizzie stopped at the rows of lemon colored underwear, pretty, fresh, and enticing, but not sexy, not screaming out ‘take me’. She chose a camisole in her size, adorned with lace and satin ribbon threaded along the neckline. It was just what she’d choose to feel pretty, young, carefree. She held it up for him to see.

Excitement fluttered in her stomach at the look he gave her, and she swallowed, shocked at the drench of wet heat slipping into her panties.

“That’s perfect. Is there a longer version too, sort of knee length or something?” He checked along the rail and found a similar item, a nightdress. “Here’s something. What do you think?” He gave it to Lizzie.

“It’s great, the same size, so you want both?” Lizzie asked. She handed him the items, feeling just a little as if she was a store employee.

“Yeah, this is good. Thank you so much. Can I help you now?” His fingers brushed hers as he took the hangers and he glanced down at her hand.

A strange feeling waved over Lizzie, as if all her strength melted away when his fingers touched hers. It confused her. His question startled her. She’d expected him to turn on his heel and depart to the sales counters. Deep down she’d love to have his company. It was so tempting the words came out of her mouth before she’d thought them through. “I’m looking for a Christmas present for my mom.”

He dazzled her with his smile. “Sounds good, sorry, I’m being rude. I’m Ryan.” He held out his free hand.

She might collapse in a damp heap if she actually shook hands with him, but she held out her hand anyway, and waited for the onslaught of sensation. “I’m Lizzie.”

He took her hand in his, gripped it firmly, and gazed into her eyes. “Good to meet you, Lizzie.

She couldn’t even smile. Her hand in his strong cool grip, blazed with jolts of sensation that burst up to her nipples, and brought them into peaks, begging for his fingertips. A huge throb ran through her pussy, and Lizzie pulled her hand away from his. It must be obvious I want him.

His gorgeous brown eyes filled with emotion as he gazed at her for a whole minute. 

Captivated, she stared right back into his eyes. He’s so gorgeous. He likes me too…he does. Wow. The idea filtered through her daze of lust. Exhilaration brought her voice back and she remembered her shopping list.
“Good to meet you too, Ryan. I want something for my mom, black and sexy, but classic.” She led the way to the rows of black lingerie.

A sales assistant waylaid her. “Can I help you today, ma’am?”
Lizzie smiled her thanks. “I’m fine, thank you.”

The assistant turned her attention to Ryan. “Will I pop those items into a changing booth for your wife, sir?”
He answered the store saleswoman with a smile. “I’m still looking, but thanks.”

Lizzie turned away, a grin flickering on her face. Is he still looking for a wife or lingerie? He hadn’t denied she was his wife, and it brought a glow of pleasure. She chose an ankle-length, black satin nightdress for her mom and checked the size.

Ryan stood close. Silent now, he waited beside her.

Lizzie felt his gaze on her. She didn’t have to check to know he watched her. The space between them magnetic with mutual attraction, she felt drawn to him. She turned to Ryan and saw something in his eyes she’d never expected. 
His expression was incredibly tender, as if he’d known her for a long time, as if he already cared for her. 
She moved closer to him. Her body just did its own thing. Her breasts suddenly heavy as she pictured his mouth on them, delicious pulses in her pussy set her dreaming of his fingers pushing into her. She stopped herself from standing on tiptoe and kissing him, just as he spoke.
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