Who'd like a a beautiful bunch of flowers for #ScintillatingSunday or maybe a kiss from the delectable Oliver. Let's visit The Flower Box

From The Flower Box, contemporary erotic romance, Hot Ink Press
Oliver doesn't start out to fall in love, in fact he's only going to do one act of kindness. Alice has a secret admirer, but who is it and will they drive Oliver away? A story to fall in love with.

8 scintillating sentences

Oliver’s words were so exciting her pussy doused her panties. Her nipples hardened, and she gasped, surprised at his words but loving them all the same.

He put her down in front of the sofa and pulled her jacket down her arms. It dropped to the carpet. He sucked her bottom lip, kissed her mouth, and then turned her in his arms to thrust his hard cock against her lower back. As he kissed up her neck to suck on her earlobe, he unzipped her dress and pushed it down and off so that she stepped out and kicked it away. His hands went into her panties right away. His fingertips teased under her ass, and his other hand slid along the entrance of her pussy.

“You’re wet. Bend over.”

© Elodie Parkes, Hot ink Press

...It’s romantic – with a special sort of whimsical feel to it.  So… dreamlike.  Their path to happily ever after was intimate, erotic and full of a romantic passion.  The author created two characters that stick with you long after you’ve finished reading the last page.  Her story building was done to perfection, and I’m thrilled to have gotten the chance to experience this wonderful book.
Reviewed by Cocktails and Books for Manic Readers with 5 yummy cocktails (5*)
5 Star review on Readers' Favorite
This sweet romantic story is an enjoyable read with some wonderful emotions and sensuality that add spice to the plot.

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