For #midweektease from WIP #Sci-Fi #romance 'The Dreamboat'

Idris Vaughn stared down at the lights of the city far below. His sky barge, The Dreamboat, sailed majestically and wonderfully slowly through the night sky. The city and surrounding outer suburbs spread out like a twinkling jeweled carpet. Idris sighed as his imagination took flight, and he dreamed up a beautiful woman waiting just for him. 

She will be slender enough for me to hold her around the waist and my fingertips will touch. She will have eyes that remind me of the deep blue sea off the coast of my Atlantic home. He drew in a ragged breath. The pain in remembering that far away and long ago place hit him like a spear in his heart. 

He forced himself on. She will have silken hair that falls to her waist. I will wrap it twice around my palm and drag her to my kiss. She will taste better than the sweetest wine and once I have kissed her she will be mine forever. Idris rested his forehead on the special glass of the window. He closed his eyes. He didn’t expect ever to meet this dream woman. 
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015

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