For #SexySnippets 7 sentences that sizzle from #FREE read Clip my Wings #erotic #PNR

Drew let her finish the orgasm completely, then holding her around the waist, he lifted her to slide her onto his cock.
She helped, guiding him in.
They moaned into each other’s open mouth as he filled her.
His breath left him completely when she rocked on him. The movements sent him spiraling into lust. He grasped her hips and thrust up into her pussy in hard lunges.
She met his thrusts.
The world stopped existing for Drew. Only Marianne’s hands on his back, his shoulders, his arms, only her mouth on his, existed.
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  1. *fans self* Scorching snippet, Elodie :-)

  2. Very sexy snippet. I enjoyed it.

  3. That is so hot!
    Merry Christmas, Elodie!


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