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Alpha, Joshua Venn is not to be messed with, but lovely Dani Cruz just can't help herslef.
#SexySnippets this week is from , Surprising the Alpha, The Venn Pack in Love (1)

Joshua gazed into her eyes and saw desire, pure sexual need. His mind emptied of everything but the softness of her ass cupped in his hand. He rammed his erection against her, a low growl escaping before he kissed her so hard she whimpered. Joshua tore her shirt off, sucking her neck hungrily.
Dani clawed at his T-shirt, her nails raking the skin of his back as her lips grazed his cheek, and his ear. “Joshua.”
Her whisper brushed his skin and tingles shot down his neck, somehow reaching his cock.
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015 Siren Publishing
Surprising the Alpha, a top 20 bestseller on release.
4 twinkling stars from Readers' favorite 
" The story was well-written and full of details. I enjoyed the plot and its resolution to the story......Dani is a surprising heroine. She is smart and determined. The two (Joshua and her) have an intense chemistry that is fun to read about It had some unexpected twists that held me captivated."
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