Captive Wolf #MWTease dark #shifter #romanticsuspense from @sirenbookstrand The cage door opened .... #PNR

The cage door opened and Ryder raised his head. Astonished, he saw Evie dressed only in a tank top and lace panties, dragged into the arena on a chain behind Doug.

The man marched Evie around the arena to the cheers of the crowd.

Fury rose in white-hot spears through Ryder. He longed to tear Doug’s head off.

Doug stood before him, a club in one hand that had spikes embedded in it and the length of chain with Evie handcuffed to the last links in the other. Brutality, bordering on madness, glinted in his eyes. His face contorted with hatred and power, he taunted Ryder.
“Look what I got for the hungry dog, a tasty little traitor—a sexy little bitch for it to feast on.” Spit flew from his twisted lips as he spoke.

Ryder flicked his gaze to Evie. She had fingerprint bruises all down each arm. Livid wheals lined her upper thighs. One of her cheekbones sported a huge bruise.

She gazed at Ryder forlornly.

Ryder lost it. He charged at Doug, barreling into the man, but all he succeeded in doing was catching a hit from the spiked club.

©Elodie Parkes Siren Publishing 2015
When Ryder Venn sets out to do a favor for his alpha brother, Joshua, he thinks it’s just an ordinary day. Little does he know the horror and adventure that awaits him. Captured and tortured by shifter hunters, Ryder wakes to the gentle care of Evie Thomas.
As Ryder Venn falls in love with the mysterious girl who nurses his wounds and feeds him, Evie discloses her reason for being part of the hunter’s group. 
Deep in love, Ryder marks Evie as his mate.
Gorgeous Ryder will do anything for her.
Lovely Evie will do anything to free him.
5 stars on Siren , 5 stars from A readers' favorite
Captive Wolf , The Venn Pack in Love 3
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  1. Great tease, Elodie, well done! And I love that cover!

  2. Great teaser. I hope he can help her.

  3. Uh oh! I hope they both get out of this situation without any more damage.

  4. Wow, that is quite the tease. I hope they make it out of there all right.


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