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#ScintillatingSunday from shifter romance
Wolf Bond
8 #Scintillating paragraphs

He turned and then, seeing it was Liberty who approached, broke into a smile.
She went straight into his arms as he held them out to her.
His kiss was gentle, and he left his arm around her shoulders as they began walking along the street. “You look beautiful. You smell delicious.”
Liberty pushed her arm around his waist and gave him a squeeze. “I closed a little early to run home and change.”
Eden detoured into the garden area of the bar and led her to stand near one of the magnolia trees. He held her close and kissed her.
Liberty molded her body to his, pressing against him. She breathed in the masculine scent of his skin against her nose as she kissed him, lingering and taking more kisses. From her peaking nipples to her clenching thighs, every single part of her tingled and she sighed, yearning to push his shirt up and feel his skin under her fingers and her tongue. A huge wave of lust tore a low moan from her, and she rested her face against his chest, trying to gain control of her breathing.
Eden’s heart hammered under her palm as she ran her hand over him. He lifted her face with a gentle hand to gaze into her eyes. “Liberty, that kiss—do you know what that kiss told me?” His voice a whisper, he moved his mouth so close to hers, Liberty longed for his lips on hers. Her need for him bordered on painful. She could hardly speak. In a voice made husky with desire, she answered, “Tell me.”

“You want me. You’re longing for my naked body covering yours. You need my cock ramming into your heated, creaming pussy. Isn’t that right?

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  1. Red. Hot. Go Els! I've gotta share this!

  2. Wow! The kiss and her yearning for him was hot, but that last line turned it into a scorching snippet.


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