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Tom found a new job, but can he find love?
Working in a surf coast hotel seems like the remedy for his previous unhappiness, but as Valentine’s Day approaches, Tom realizes he’s lonely, and looks around for someone to love.

They cuddled there. Their breath still coming in gasps, until the lethargy of sexual satisfaction overtook them.

Tom sighed against the soft strands of her hair that were captured between her satiny skin and his jaw resting on her shoulder.

Serena kissed his ear. She sucked on his earlobe.

Shivers of sensation spiked down Tom’s spine.

She whispered in his ear. “I’m going to get off your knee now and we’ll go to bed.”

He didn’t answer. He helped her, holding her waist.

She held his cock as she raised herself off it, her touch delicate as she placed it against his thigh. She took his hands from her waist to hold them.

Tom wondered if he could stand up. The blue-checked chair pad stuck to his thighs. It was attached to the chair with ribbons, so it fell off him as he moved away.

Serena held his hand and led him through the semi-darkness out of the kitchen, along the hall, up the stairs, and into her bedroom. The drapes were open and light from street lamps fell on the bed near the window. She let go of his hand to pull back her quilt. She took off her high-heeled shoes.

They got into her bed and Serena immediately cuddled up against him.

Tom savored the feel of her breasts pressed against his chest. Her leg was draped over his and she traced the side of his body with fingernails that barely touched his skin and yet sent trails of sensation to pool in his groin.
He closed his eyes. He hadn’t expected this. Somehow, Serena had taken over the night. Tom drifted in a haze of satisfaction and the soothing motion of Serena’s fingers when she reached up to stroke his hair from his face and forehead.
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