Her tenderness filled him with pain. #teaserTuesday from The Black Lion #vampire #erotic #PNR

On the way to his place, Sascha fell silent. He considered the blood Melissa had given him. It was a lovely thought and a great gift, but where had she got it, and did she put herself in danger to get it. He glanced across at her as she drove. Although they’d only just met, he felt a deep bond with her. He had no doubt he was in love with her. When he told her he loved her earlier the truth of it rushed into his head, filled him up with longing to make her his forever somehow. He stared ahead at the road. Would she let him turn her? Then he sighed. Could he take away the sunlight she talked about enjoying? Could he make her dwell in darkness as she told him he did? The answer hurt. His heart ached, but the answer was no, he couldn’t do that. He loved her too much.

Stopped at the junction, Melissa turned to him and kissed him quickly along his jaw. “That was a big sigh. What’s wrong?”

Her tenderness filled him with pain. One day he’d lose that. She’d leave him, one way, or another. He shook his head as he answered, “Just hoping that you didn’t risk too much by getting the blood for me.”

Melissa drove on. “Sascha, there’s not much could hurt me. Don’t worry.”

Sascha didn’t answer. He did worry. The strangeness of her words escaped him as he worried.
They arrived at his house. He stared at it through the windscreen as they approached on the long driveway. It would always be too big for him now, too empty, too dark, without Melissa in it. He wondered if she’d come to live with him, and then in a sudden drench of sadness he realized he couldn’t even ask that. When would she be able to wake to the morning sun on her face?

He got out of her car and stood by the trunk, his hands in the pockets of his black jeans, his shoulders slumped, his beautiful dark hair falling over his forehead as he sadly traced a groove in the gravel with the toe of his boot.

Copyright Elodie Parkes , Hot Ink Press

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