If this is a dream, don't wake me #PNR #MWTease and #coverreveal from upcoming @HotInkBooks release

From Hot Ink Press February release 'Deep Dream' paranormal romance
#MWTease and cover reveal

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Anna dressed carefully. She checked her seams were straight on the black stockings she wore and slipped her feet into the highest heeled shoes she owned. Tonight she was going all out to get Ethan. He made her head spin. The sight of him made her heartbeat speed up. The thought of running her hands over his muscled chest made her wet. She licked her lips as she imagined kissing him. Her stomach flipped. He’s so gorgeous. He’s so sexy. I wish, oh, I wish he’d just give me a little time. Just one night would do … maybe.

She took her small evening bag and slipped her cell phone into it along with a credit card and a couple of twenty-dollar notes. She’d ordered a cab and as it drew up on the street outside her apartment, she dashed down the concrete steps along the side of the building to reach it. She teetered dangerously on the curb of the sidewalk in her spike heels, and then grasped the cab door handle, balanced, and got in. 

Copyright Elodie Parkes, Hot Ink Press 

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  1. Nice snippet, Elodie, and that's a beautiful book cover - congrats!

  2. I love your cover, Elodie! :D It's beautiful.
    You're such a tease. What's she going to do when she finds him?!

  3. Dressed to Impress. I hope it pays off. Thanks for sharing!

  4. An intriguing tease! And the cover is nice, both sexy and a bit spooky. :)

  5. Great tease. Sounds as though she has quite the nighht planned :-)

  6. Great tease, Elodie! Love the cover, too :)


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