"Kiss me," #ScintillatingSunday with a delicious #Dom @evernightpub

Let's scintillate with 8 sentences and the delicious Cameron from ,
 A Dom for Patti
He led her to an upright chair against one wall of the room and sat. With gentle hands on her hips, he guided her to straddle him and slip down onto his cock. He pulled her hands onto his shoulders and nudged her face with his nose. “Kiss me.”

Patti grasped his head, her fingers tunneled in his hair. She kissed his delicious mouth and rocked on his cock. Her feet found the low crossbars of the chair and she used them for leverage. She slid on his cock, moaning into his mouth.
Copyright Elodie Parkes Evernight Publishing
5 stars for 'A Dom for Patti' from A Readers' Favorite
"A Dom for Patti by Elodie Parkes is a fun little novel that makes you yearn for romance in your life. A Dom for Patti is not your usual BDSM novel. Yes, it promises to be such, but it is so much more than that...I really liked Cameron; he is the perfect hero and the perfect man. He loved Patti and he stuck to his guns and went to get her. A great novel that deserves five stars!."
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