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His voice penetrated through her haze of lust. “Emma, we could go to my room, or yours, fuck until we can’t stand up. You know you’d like that. Your cream’s running down my palm, even in the swimming pool I can feel it. You need fucking. You want to come. I want you bad. You’re smokin’ hot.”

He’s right I do need it. She nodded against his face. Her tongue touched the tip of his and she groaned. “Yes. I want to.”

Matt slowly withdrew his fingers.

Emma groaned again against his lips.

He picked her up by the waist.

His hands on her skin were so gorgeously strong, and so powerful.

He sat her on the poolside and then in one swift movement had pulled himself out to sit by her side. “Hell, I don’t think I can walk past people with my cock sticking out like this.” He grinned at her.

Emma looked down at his obvious erection in his wet shorts. The head peeked over the low waistband, the ridge of his rock hard column so enticing, she ran a fingertip down it.

Matt flinched, but smiled. “Fuck that feels good.”

“Stay there. I’ll get the towel.” She stood…could anyone see her cream on the tops of her inner thighs as she walked. He’d lit her up with his bold advances. She craved sex so much that even then her pussy clenched when she thought about what they’d just done. She brought him her dry towel knowing his damp one would still show his gorgeous cock in full relief.

“Thank you, Emma.” Matt draped the towel around his waist, holding it up and a little away from his hips. He laughed. It lit his already beautiful face.

Emma’s heart filled with happiness. God, he’s so gorgeous.

They retrieved her bag, sarong, and Matt’s damp towel. They walked along the path to the hotel entrance, occasionally smiling at each other.

Emma wrapped her sarong around her shoulders as the cool air of the hotel atmosphere hit her.

Matt took her hand to walk up the lovely stairs.

They arrived at her room.

She fumbled with the keycard.
He reached around her body, his chest muscles against her back. He held her hand and helped unlock the door.

They walked side by side silently into her room. Sexual tension rippled in the space between them.

Emma dropped her beach bag, and then turned to circle his hard body in her arms, and tilt her face for a kiss.

He let go of the towel. “You still want this?” he asked her, his voice low.

Her voice would only come out as a whisper. “Yes.” So much, you’ll never know…

He kissed her hungrily. His tongue thrust into her mouth. His fingers unclipped her bikini top. It fell to the floor between them as they drew apart to tear off their clothes.

Copyright Elodie Parkes , Hot Ink Press 

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 4 sexy stars
Reviewed By Natasha Jackson for Readers’ Favorite
Elodie Parkes has given us two tales of instant attraction that can bloom into something more in Love at First Sigh. The first story is about Matt and Emma who form an instant connection on a beach holiday. After some frisky behavior in the swimming pool, Matt and Emma become inseparable over the course of the vacation, leaving Emma craving for the things he does to her. Although this is a very short story, Parkes produces amazing chemistry in just a few lines and lets us see a strong bond that developed during what was supposed to be a brief sexual fling.

The next story involves Sara and Griffen. She needs tons of work done on her house and he is the man to do it. But in Handy Hubby Hire Sara is definitely in Love at First Sigh as is Griffen from the moment they set eyes on each other. While they satisfy their lust for one another instantly, it takes time for them to get beyond the awkwardness of being strangers slaking their desire. Elodie Parkes is brilliant at illustrating the push and pull of their burgeoning feelings while continuing to succumb to their lust. In just a few short pages she was able to bring out hot love scenes, deeper emotions and insecurities to create a full story.

Love at First Sigh is a great fun day at the beach type of read. There are plenty of amazing love scenes, witty banter and enough lust to set the pages on fire. Short, sweet and to the point is what these stories are, but they are truly memorable.

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