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From A Little Mysterious

 He nuzzled her neck. The lure of sucking just a taste of her blood as he fingered her was too great to resist. He pushed his fingers into her wet pussy, and he sucked her neck. She arched to his fingers and pressed her neck to his face. His cock jerked. He felt a rush with the taste of her blood. It thickened his cock further and he thrust his fingers in and out of her. As he sucked her blood, he felt tingles of emotion run through him. She was so yielding, so utterly desirable.
He’d been sent off course…he thought he was lost…until he found Daisy.

His vampire abilities were special. He belonged to an elite group. Moving home, they are set off course by a storm that lands Dhruv alone, hungry, and desperate in a strange town.
A story of lust, love, and coincidence.
#shifter #vampire Dhruv is a little mysterious
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  1. Hot vampires, what could be better? Can't wait to read it.


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