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From #MM erotic romance WIP, Hungry Eyes

Oliver’s heart pounded. He hung on every syllable as Josh sang and gazed right at him. The longing in Josh’s eyes did something weird to Oliver’s stomach. He felt as if from the waist down he’d turned to liquid and was about to fall to his knees. His cock responded with a throb to the scorching look Josh gave him at the end of the song. 

Oliver ran his hand through his hair and looked down at the rubberized dance floor. Questions raced through his mind, but he settled on just one. How can I make contact and not look like a fool if that song wasn’t for me—if Josh doesn’t want me as much as I want him?

The band played another song. 
Oliver glanced up. Josh wasn’t on stage. A huge dip of disappointment crashed into Oliver’s stomach. Where is he?

A whisper against his ear shot tingles down his neck.
“Forgive me if I’m wrong, but I think you’re interested in me.”

Oliver slowly turned to the speaker, half-afraid it wasn’t Josh, but that low, resonant voice was so familiar and so dear to him, his hopes lifted.
He was face to face with Josh. His heart skipped a beat. His cock stirred. Oliver nodded so slightly he wondered if it was enough to underscore the assent in the words that tumbled from his suddenly dry mouth. “I’d forgive you anything.”

“Then follow me now.” Josh led the way to a side door and held it open for Oliver to follow.

A smile spread over his face. This was more than he’d dared hope for, ever. He faltered as Josh closed the door they’d just used and stood waiting. It was only seconds but they dragged by until, with no warning, Josh grabbed him by the sides of his head and kissed him hard.

Oliver’s eyes closed with lust. His whole body responded to the kiss, with wave after wave of melting sensation, until his legs weakened and the only thing that remained hard was his leaking cock.

Soft sounds, low moans came from them both as the kiss went on. Kiss after kiss. 
Soft merging lips, then a hard searching needy tongue drove all thought from Oliver until he rammed up against Josh, thrusting his erection and fighting for breath.

Josh broke the kiss and pushed his arms around Oliver’s neck to pull him further onto his muscled body. He murmured in Oliver’s ear. “You’ll never know how long I’ve waited to do that … and more.”

A shiver went over Oliver and he slipped his arms around Josh’s waist pressing against the hard column of Josh’s erection with his own aching cock.
“I can’t believe this. I had no idea … I saw you with a woman once and I … well I thought …”

Josh nudged his nose with his own and bit at his lips.
“My sister was in town. Who are you anyway? Apart from sexy, fuckin’ sweet as, and damn, so hard for me I just want to suck the cum right out of you here in the corridor.”

Oliver’s knees threatened to buckle. A ragged groan escaped him at Josh’s words.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass

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  1. Phew, hot snippet, Elodie! *fans self*

  2. Whoa! Lots of emotion in that scene. Good job.

  3. Hubba-hubba! definitely a shared attraction between these two. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Aw, so sweet. I liked the tease, Elodie. :)

  5. *fans self* Their attraction to each other leaps off the page here. Fab tease, Elodie :-)


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