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This Valentine's Day let Oliver bring you flowers.
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The Flower Box contemporary romance from Hot Ink Press by Elodie Parkes
...It’s romantic – with a special sort of whimsical feel to it.  So… dreamlike.  Their path to happily ever after was intimate, erotic and full of a romantic passion.  The author created two characters that stick with you long after you’ve finished reading the last page.  Her story building was done to perfection, and I’m thrilled to have gotten the chance to experience this wonderful book. 
Reviewed by Cocktails and Books for Manic Readers with 5 yummy cocktails (5*) 

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“Alice, it’s so great to hold you.” He rocked her a little, not trusting himself to say more because he loved her so much. The way he felt about her surprised him. It was a mix of wanting her naked and moaning as he fucked her, and protecting her from any and all harm.

She stirred in his grip and looked up into his face.
“It’s great to be held.” She smiled.

It melted his heart further and he bent his head to kiss her. When her lips moved against his softly and lovingly, it stole his composure. He held her face to kiss her hard.

She opened her mouth for his tongue.

Her response overwhelmed him. Oliver’s cock pushed at his jeans. He crushed her against his body to let her feel his arousal. He heard a little moan escape her and he grabbed her bottom to knead there.
“Alice, I want you so much.” He whispered it against her mouth.

In a fog of desire, he lifted his head to check on the proximity of other people. The day was gray, and perhaps that kept people away with a promise of rain because no one was around. He picked her up and carried her behind the screen of hedge and small trees where he’d been when he first saw her.
©Elodie Parkes Hot Ink Press 
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