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From #WIP Heart in Chains

Jay’s groan of pleasure filtered through Connor’s haze of lust as they straightened out their bodies and pressed together, each rubbing their hard cocks on the other’s stomach. Connor’s towel had come off and he was naked in Jay’s arms. His cock ached it was so hard. He moaned into Jay’s open mouth.
 “I can’t believe how fucking turned on you make me. My cock’s already leaking for you. If you flipped me over and fucked me I’d ask for more when it ended.”

Jay pushed a hand between their bodies and grabbed Connor’s cock. He spread the pre cum that leaked from the slit around on the head. He murmured against Connor’s mouth.

“It’s what I want. To fuck you and to be fucked by you. My cock’s so hard I might lose it and spill my load in my pants. I need to take care of you. We can’t fuck. I have no condom. Let me suck you off. I want you coming in my mouth.”

Connor’s thighs weakened. His ass weakened as if it melted. His cock throbbed and his balls tightened. “Fucking hell, that’s so hot.”

Jay shifted so that he could kneel by Connor’s side. He drifted his hands along Connor’s stomach deliberately missing Connor’s cock that stood up from his stomach.

Connor winced as Jay’s fingertips swept over his body, teasing. The pleasure was so great it was almost pain. He lifted his hips, hoping that Jay would grab his cock again. Images from his dream flashed through Connor’s mind, making him wonder, in his fog of lust, if this was another dream, or if he’d lost his mind from the stress of the last day. If it is then I’ll take it.

Jay bent and took Connor’s cock deep into his mouth. He sucked and licked and built a rhythm with his lips tight around the width of Connor’s erection pumping up and down.

Connor moaned low as his orgasm built. Tingles shot through his balls, and as Jay explored between his thighs with his fingertips, Connor opened his legs so that Jay teased under his ass.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Undisclosed Publisher
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  1. Very, very sexy!I want to know more about this book.


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