From the moment he sees her, he starts to fantasize #teaserTuesday #erotic romance #WIP

All his Dark Fantasies

Seth stared into the growing darkness. The idea of finding the booth and taking Rosanna from Beau and Simon ate at him until he turned and strode back into the house. He slowed his pace to mount the stairs for the mezzanine floor, and then he stalked along it, glancing at the booths with closed drapes, and hoping there’d be some way of discovering which one Rosanna inhabited without invading other peoples’ privacy.

When no way became apparent, he returned to a downstairs room and snatched up a glass of bourbon to sip as he tried to analyze his actions. Maybe I’m going mad.

Then he saw her. She stood alone at the far end of the room gazing out of the huge window.
Seth’s heart leapt. He watched her for a few moments, tracing the shape of her body with a hungry gaze. Then he left his drink on a nearby table and approached her.
His heart hammered.

She turned to him when he drew close.

He drank in the sight of her. Her eyes were almost the same color as her dress, and lined with black kohl, her lips perfect for kissing, with a full bottom lip, her nipples clearly visible, peaking in the cooled air through the bodice of her dress.
Seth’s usual composure drained away, but a smile hovered at the corners of his mouth.

“Hi, Seth Callahan, can I get you anything?” My cock in your cunt—my tongue on your clit—my fingers teasing at your ass—my lips on yours?

She hesitated and then smiled her answer. “If I tell you want I’d really like, do you promise to get it for me?” Her husky voice added to her rampant sexual aura.

Seth was enchanted. “I will certainly try. What is it?”

She leaned a little toward him as if she was about to reveal something outrageous.

Seth enjoyed her proximity. He leaned as if to listen to a whisper.

“Hot chocolate.”

Surprised, and then amused, Seth grinned. “That’s easy. Come with me.” He held out his hand.

She slipped her hand into his. 

Her skin was like satin, cool, smooth, and so sensual. Seth fought down the urge to drag her against his body and kiss her hard. He led her to the downstairs kitchen where the drinks and snacks were prepared. A huge table in the middle held rows of glasses and bottles. One of the servers poured a pink cocktail into frosty rimmed glasses.
Seth nodded a greeting at his questioning look. “My lady wants hot chocolate. I know where everything is. I’ll make it. You go ahead with what you’re doing.” His voice held authority and he let go of Rosanna’s hand to open a wide cupboard. He knew where everything was because he checked the supplies with Pearl once a week so that she could buy more if needed. There was coffee and tea, cocoa, and a special blend of hot chocolate that was actually for use in a cocktail. Seth swiftly made the beverage. He brought out one of the white china cups with its little matching saucer, and poured the hot chocolate. He’d been silent as he prepared the drink, but as he held it out to her, he embarked on charming her.

“Here it is. I haven’t seen you here before. Tell me your name.” He moved close and as she took the cup and saucer, he steadied it with his free hand over hers. “Take care it’s hot.” And so are you
“Thank you, and its Rosannamy name.” Her voice fell to a whisper.

Seth hoped that was because his touch had the same effect on her as hers had on him. He reluctantly moved his hand.
“You’re beautiful, Rosanna. Are you here with anyone?” He saw an expression of pain pass fleetingly in her eyes. It piqued his interest.

“No. Well, not a husband, or lover, if that’s what you mean. My friends brought me.”

Seth took a deep breath. She’d been with them in a curtained booth. “Friends?”

“Yes, they showed me around, before they went off to capture some ladies for dubious purposes.”

Seth raised his eyebrows for a second surprised she’d use the word dubious. “You do know what this place is?”

Rosanna gave a tiny nod. “Yes, of course—I only meant they intended charming the pants offoff someone.” She hesitated with a tentative smile.

Seth gazed into her eyes. “Did you come here so that someone would charm the pants off you?”

Rosanna’s green eyes darkened as her pupils reacted to his question. “Are you offering?”

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