Rename #SexySnippets 'Scorching' as Eden and Liberty can't resist each other #erotic 18+ #PNR

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When a stranger arrives in town, he instantly captures lonely Liberty’s attention. Drawn to him by a deep undeniable instinct, Liberty loses her heart when Eden Farrell flirts with her.
Will he be the lover she’s begun to long for?
Eden Farrell, PI, wolf shifter, gorgeous, goes after what he wants, and now he wants Liberty. He recognizes the wolf in her long before she knows what he is. He ignites a passion in Liberty and she delights him with her response.
As a deep bond forms between them, danger follows Eden. He’s in love with Liberty, and believes nothing will keep him from her. Trouble is; danger is out to find them both.
#SexySnippet 7
 He lifted her ass with strong hands and leaned over her, kissing up her stomach to her breasts, and his cock slid into her, filling, stretching, until the hard length of him was deep inside her pussy.
Liberty gasped at the first thrust. It was so incredibly yummy. She held him against her body and wrapped her legs around his hips, digging her heels into his ass to keep him close.
His throaty moans in her ear as he fucked her gave her goose bumps all the way down her neck, and her nipples peaked so hard they grazed deliciously against Eden’s muscles.
Her eyes closed heavy with lust and pleasure, she grabbed his hips and pushed up to meet his thrusts. When another orgasm hovered deep inside her pussy, she craved release again so badly she whimpered for it, grasping at Eden’s dark hair, holding his face to hers so that she could suck his tongue into her mouth and kiss him deep and hard.
©Elodie Parkes Siren Publishing 2015

A Siren top 10 bestseller on release, 'Wolf Bond, The Venn Pack in Love 2 an exciting mix of erotic romance, suspense and paranormal romance for all you shifter lovers.
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5 stars from Readers Favorite
Elodie Parkes does a great job carrying over issues from the first book, Surprising the Alpha.... Her characters are well-developed and believable. Liberty is a fun heroine. She had been lonely until Eden enters into her life. I had a lot of respect for Eden.... He is brave and determined. The two make a magnetic couple. I loved the mystery in the plot. I thought the case that Eden was working on was fascinating and tied in well with the series. Some interesting things come into play toward the end of the story that I’m looking forward to reading about in the next book. This is a great series. I enjoyed this book even more then the first one. Thank you for writing it!


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