She’s beautiful. She’s mine. Who is she? I have to know. I have to meet her. #ScintillatingSunday #PNR

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The huge gray wolf skirted the perimeter of the orchards, and then, dropping his pace to a dogtrot, he sniffed the air, and followed the new scents. They were human and something else, some sweet herbal scent he didn’t recognize. There was just the merest hint of wolf, too, but he dismissed it. Perhaps Lucas has been to see Becky in the last weekvague though for a scent that should be familiar to me…too vague…I could be mistaken… Intrigued by the scents, Joshua dropped the thought and went to investigate.

He leapt the low hedge that separated the orchards from the land where the owning family’s house stood. A shiny blue SUV with California plates stood on the drive. The new scents swirled around there. Joshua picked out one and breathed it in. Female—delicious. The perfume enticed and beguiled him. He dropped to the ground in a patch of giant white daises. I want to see her. The need to set eyes on the female drove all other thought from him. The herbal and the female scents filled his head. He swallowed down a surprising urge to howl.

Dani Cruz ran down the steps from the veranda, her glossy brown hair streaming out behind her. The top four buttons of her white cotton shirt were undone and as she moved, the warm breeze flattened the fabric against her breasts. She strode to the SUV.

Mesmerized by her loveliness, the wolf froze to watch her. The way her slim hips moved, her thighs in the tight denim jeans, and the tilt of her head showing her slender neck trapped him in a spell of desire the like he’d never felt before. Joshua snuffled, a sound somewhere between a whimper and a growl. He bathed in her scent. He soaked up the sight of her. She’s beautiful. She’s mine. Who is she? I have to know. I have to meet her.

Enchanted, he gazed at her as she got into the SUV and drove away. Joshua rose up on his powerful hind legs and leapt after the vehicle. At the end of the long driveway, he came to his senses and stopped chasing the SUV. He sat down for a moment his breath strangely stolen from him. He panted, and shook his huge head to rid himself of the captivating female perfume. Joshua’s blue gaze raked the surrounding countryside. The noise of the car engine was faint now. The gray wolf stood again, trotted along the path, and then changed direction to head for home. Thoughts traveled through his head as he crossed the lush terrain. Maybe she’s visiting the family before they move. Maybe she’s come to help them move. Maybe she’s the person who’s buying the orchards…Lucas might know. Hell, but she’s gorgeous, so sexy. I want her…

As he hurtled up the drive to his house, he shifted, and then came to a skidding standstill on the gravel in front of the porch. His clothes were neatly piled on the step, so someone had been home. He checked the scent, Ryder. He dragged on his jeans and T-shirt before looking around for his boots. They remained strewn by his truck. Joshua walked over and slipped them on. He opened the truck door and brought his cell phone out of the glove compartment. A missed call displayed—Liberty. I’ll go see her.

The high street shimmered in the heat of the late afternoon sun. Joshua counted another two closed-up shops, their windows covered with brown paper, and then he saw two sold signs on shops close to Liberty’s café. That’s hopeful at least. I wonder who’s bought them?

He brought his truck to a halt on the road outside the café and jumped out.
Ryder must have seen him coming because he opened the door wide and grinned at Joshua. “I just fixed this, Josh, so I’d appreciate you simply walking through without touching anything. Did you hear the news, is that why you’re back?”
©Elodie Parkes Siren Publishing 2015

Surprising the Alpha, a top 20 bestseller on release.
Joshua is the Venn Pack alpha. He's not to be messed with and yet, lovely Dani Cruz can't help herself.
4 twinkling stars from Readers' favorite
" The story was well-written and full of details. I enjoyed the plot and its resolution to the story......Dani is a surprising heroine. She is smart and determined. The two (Joshua and her) have an intense chemistry that is fun to read about It had some unexpected twists that held me captivated."
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