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The kiss hardened his cock. The anticipation of having Patti naked in the soft summer night set his heart hammering. He broke away from the kiss. He held her around the shoulders and took her along the path and down to the river. Old-fashioned lantern streetlamps lit the path, but as he led Patti into an area sprinkled with low shrubs and clumps of flowers, the lights disappeared. Closer to the riverbank, but semi-hidden by clipped box, was a bench seat. Cameron stopped by it. He put Patti an arm’s length away from him. The river lapped against the man-made bank supports in this area, making soft music. The moon hung almost full in a cloudless sky.
“Take off your dress.” He gazed at Patti through lust heavy eyes.

She pulled down the straps of her dress and unzipped a short fastening in the side seam. She looked into his eyes as she pulled the dress up over her head. Her thick short bob rippled out of the dress fabric as she pushed the dress away.

Cameron held out his hands to take the dress. He sat on the end of the bench and placed the dress carefully behind him. “Now the bra.”

Patti rapidly removed her bra and dangled it in front of him to add to her discarded dress. Her breathing quickened.

He stood and stepped close to her. “You’re very lovely.” He kissed along the tops of her shoulders where moonlight lit the shape. He bit softly along her neck as he rolled her nipples in his fingers. His cock throbbed and drove him. He grabbed her hard on her hips and buried his face in her breasts, licking, sucking, and groaning. Her nipples peaked in his mouth and he grazed them on his teeth. He lifted her against his body, his fingers sliding under her ass to tease at the entrance of her pussy through the lace of her panties.

 “I want to hear you moan with pleasure. What do you want first, my tongue on your clit, my fingers in your cream, or my cock pounding into you? You will have all three before long.”
Patti clung to him, her arms around his neck. She pressed against him her legs wrapped around his hips. “I’m yours. Choose for me. I want what you want.” 

She buried her face under his jaw.

Cameron sat on the end of the bench and brought her onto his lap so her legs dangled down on each side. He pulled her close and kissed her. His breath left him. He could hear his blood rushing in his ears as his heart thudded. Cameron couldn’t remember ever wanting a woman as much as he wanted Patti. His cock was leaking and his balls were tight. He thrust his tongue into her mouth as he pushed aside her panties and slid two fingers into her pussy.
©Elodie Parkes Evernight Publishing  2015
5 stars for 'A Dom for Patti' from A Readers' Favorite
"A Dom for Patti by Elodie Parkes is a fun little novel that makes you yearn for romance in your life. A Dom for Patti is not your usual BDSM novel. Yes, it promises to be such, but it is so much more than that...I really liked Cameron; he is the perfect hero and the perfect man. He loved Patti and he stuck to his guns and went to get her. A great novel that deserves five stars!."

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