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FEB 10 release from Hot Ink Press
vampires, rock stars, magic
and SEX
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Ethan closed his eyes and kissed her. The kiss devastated him. He held her head to keep her mouth on his. His hunger for her kisses astounded him, drove him to murmur low sounds and linger against her lips even when he felt her search for a breath. He broke away a fraction to let her breathe. His whole body spiked with desire. He’d forgotten how consuming lust was when love claimed someone. His cock strained at his jeans and he crushed her against his body to kiss her again.

Her arms went up around his neck and she pressed against him in response. Her kiss held passion and tenderness.

Ethan soaked it up. He left her lips and buried his face in the soft part of her shoulder. His fangs lengthened, but he ignored them. He’d taught his body to feed along with sex and he could control that now. He wasn’t hungry except for her body, for the feel of her skin, the squeeze of her pussy as he sank his cock into her, and for her love. He gently let her go.

“I’ll drive you home.” He whispered the words again.

©Elodie Parkes 2016 Hot Ink Prss All Rights Reserved
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  1. Phew, I'm so gonna have to read this one. Great tease, Elodie :-)

  2. Great snippet, Elodie, and congrats on the upcoming release!


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