Wild and wicked Wednesday #MWTease from #erotic #romance An Unusual Vacation #NSFW

The sight of her breasts, nipples peaked and just begging for his mouth on them, made his balls ache. His cock already strained against his suit pants and his stomach muscles were clenched so hard Dominic found it hard to breathe. He buried his face against the luscious mounds and grabbed her waist to hold her still as he sucked each nipple and she squirmed, moaning softly, her hands grasping his hair.

His need to fuck was so intense he dragged her dress and panties halfway down her thighs and grasped the cheeks of her ass, kneading them, his kiss demanding as he transferred his mouth from her nipples to her lips.

Michelle’s low moans matched the slow thrust of her hips as she opened her mouth to his searching tongue.

The atmosphere sparked with sexual desire. Dominic ran his hand under her ass and between her legs so that his fingertips reached her pussy and slipped in a little. Cream coated his fingers and Michelle’s resultant sigh of pleasure drove all thought from him. He closed his eyes, his face against hers.

She kissed him, pushing her tongue along his.

He angled her body with one hand on her hip and then circled his fingers on her clit before pushing two fingers into her pussy. Tight, warm, wetness enclosed them and Dominic’s groan tore from his throat when his cock throbbed deliciously.

Michelle held his waist with one hand, the other she used to search out the zip of his suit pants and drag it down.

Dominic merged his lips with hers in soft, urgent kisses. He stilled his fingers in her pussy, unable to do more than wait for the feel of her hand on his cock. Michelle’s fingertips left intense bursts of sensation across his stomach as she pushed her hand down into his pants and underwear to curl her fingers around his leaking cock.

She whispered against his mouth. “Let’s go to bed. I want your cock inside me. I want you pounding, stroking, teasing, until I come so hard I can’t stand up.”

A pulse traveled up from his balls and ran up his cock, bringing another bead of pre-cum from the slit. “I want you, too.” His voice sounded thick to his ears, thick and husky. He doubted he’d last long pounding into her. He winced. The pleasure of her fingertips tracing the shape at the head of his cock was so exquisite it was almost painful. He withdrew his fingers from her pussy.

Michelle groaned and found his lips with hers to kiss him softly.

He soaked up the sex in the gentle kiss and brought her hands from his body to hold them. He led her to his sleeping compartment and switched the light to low.
Dominic smiled as she dropped her dress to the floor and stepped out. He dragged his T-shirt over his head and discovered she’d taken off her panties when his face emerged. His breath caught in his chest. She was beautiful. He’d known that already, but the sight of her naked melted every muscle in his body. She made jello out of him with her lovely shape, the curve of her hip, the plane of her stomach, the way a small triangle of space between her thighs at the top echoed the V of her prettily shaped pubic hair.

She stepped toward him and helped him take off his pants and underwear in one swift move.
He kicked off the leather loafers he wore without socks in the summer, and stood naked before her, his need to come so bad his ass ached. The tip of his cock leaked against his stomach. He gazed at her for a few seconds and then she leapt at him.

Dominic laughed as he caught her, bringing her legs to wrap around his hips. 
She clung to him as he lowered her to the bed.
His cock contacted the wet entrance of her pussy.

She raised her hips as her back reached the mattress.

The slow thrust into her creaming pussy wrenched a groan of pleasure from him. He pushed in kneeling between her widely spread legs and leaning on his outstretched arms, his head down and his eyes closed with lust.
©Elodie Parkes Evernight Publishing  

 Evernight Publishing, erotic romance, suspense, intrigue, and a gorgeous love story
4 and a half stars from Manic Readers
At thirty-two Dominic Carr thinks it’s time he met a girl he could love. He’s tired and jaded from his high power job, and hoping that this summer’s vacation will be refreshing. When he sees Michelle Vega in the art gallery of a harbor town he visits, her long legs in pink couture shorts grab his attention.

Michelle Vega has everything to hide except her beauty and her instant attraction to Dominic. She’s not on vacation as she visits the gallery—more like on business.

When Michelle’s business takes a dangerous twist Dominic finds he’s pulled into a perilous situation.
Will this be a test of his love or the finish of it?

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