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He gazed into her eyes.

Anna soaked up the sight of him. His eyes so blue, fringed with dark lashes, the planes of his handsome face and the perfectly kissable lips were such a lethally gorgeous combination the pleasure of looking at him was almost painful. She sighed with the need to touch him, kiss him, feel his hands on her, and even to her ears, her sigh sounded desperate. She lifted his hand to press it to her breast.
Ethan flicked his gaze to their clasped hands on her body. When he brought his eyes back to look into hers, his expression had changed.

The sexual heat in his darkened eyes sent a melting sensation from her stomach to her knees. Anna wanted Ethan so badly the words simply spilled from her lips as she moistened them with the tip of her tongue.
“Come home with me.”

Ethan’s nod was so slight she nearly didn’t catch it, but then his arm was around her and she was floating toward the club exit.

They were on the street. The bright lights glittered hot pink, white, and amber along the sidewalk from the late-night clubs and bars. They passed a coffee shop and Ethan hailed a cab that was about to pull away from the curb.
“My place is nearby. Will you come home with me?” He opened the back door of the cab.

Anna nodded, unable to speak as he bent close to kiss her neck.

©Elodie Parkes Hot Ink Press 2016

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  1. Very sexy teaser. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loving the sexual tension in this tease, Elodie :-)

  3. GORGEOUS cover and congrats!! This sounds wonderful! :)


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