Has she left him? Dominic adds up all the signs. #TeaserTuesday a TRR readers' choice award nominee #romance

#TeaserTuesday from An Unusual Vacation nominated for The Romance Reviews 
Readers's choice awards Summer 2016

He sat on the edge of the bench seat in the living area, where he and Michelle had enjoyed such delicious sex. Maybe that’s all it was for her—sex … a vacation fling. He gazed at the door to the deck hoping she’d suddenly appear there, or he’d hear her calling to him as she boarded the boat. Disappointment that she’d apparently ditched him flooded his heart in surprisingly heavy waves. He took out his cell and called the number he’d stolen again.

Shock replaced the sadness when a pre-recorded voice informed him that the number was out of service. The cell phone was no longer in use. He frowned, then called the number again and got the same carrier’s message. How odd. That’s weird. He pushed his cell into his pocket as he stood and went on deck. Twilight already. Dominic slumped on the chair Michelle had occupied that morning as they’d drunk coffee and ate croissants as if everything was great. As if we’d fallen in love. I must be a complete fool. I never saw this coming. We were supposed to sail off today and go fishing. Why tell me she wants to spend the whole of my vacation with me, and then bolt? If he could have reached her by phone then he might not have felt so down, but as darkness fell, Dominic became more convinced she wasn’t coming back.

He hadn’t eaten since breakfast so at nine that night, he made a sandwich, but after taking a couple of bites, he left it on the plate. He checked the news again, just in case there’d be some explanation for Michelle’s non-appearance. He checked for a wireless signal on his cell phone and after joining a cloud, cruised the news sites looking for anything that might indicate a road closure, an accident … anything that could mean Michelle was stuck at the cabin.

As he lay fully dressed on his bed staring up at the swath of stars through the skylight, Dominic added up all the indicators that Michelle hadn’t meant for them to have anything more than a vacation fling. After all, her holiday would be just about finished. Then he remembered the way they’d made love. He called it that, preferring to think maybe the tenderness had meant she cared for him. Dominic closed his eyes. He’d fallen for her. It was hard to admit, but he hardly knew anything about her. He’d imagined she’d fallen for him. He fell asleep wishing things hadn’t gone the way they had.

Fucking hell, I don’t even know the actual address of the cabin. I have no way of finding her. I was so hungry for her love, the sex, the companionship, I let her off telling me stuff, let her off answering questions.

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