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Nothing prepared Anna for the onslaught on her senses as Ethan kissed her.

His hands traveled over her body, powerfully smoothing so that she loved the feeling of being trapped under his palms, then feather-light, making every inch of skin where he touched tingle with desire. He cupped her ass and dragged her against his hips so that the rock hard column of his erection teased her with the promise of fucking. His lips soft and gentle until she moaned, and then he devastated her with a kiss so sex-laden her legs weakened and her pussy creamed into her panties.

“Anna, let’s take your dress off.” His low huskily voiced request against her ear sent spikes of sensation all the way down her neck to her breasts.
Her nipples pebbled in hard peaks against the lace of her bra. She ached for Ethan’s mouth on them. 
Twilight, the beautiful and supernatural people come out to play ... in StarZ
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'This is a cute little love story, not at all what I would have thought of a vamp story. I think you’ll like it...'
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