The Nymph's Oath from guest author Laurell Emily Grey #newrelease #menage #erotica @HotInkBooks

It's the fucking end of the world.

Alyssa is coming to terms with her fate on being a single nymph who will never find love until an assignment from Zeus has her miraculously finding them, they're also meant to be her partners for this mission.

Excerpt: WARNING, 18+
Both men now stand fully naked in front of her, their bodies glistening with sweat. Abs flex, showing off the v-cuts down to their pelvis. The more she observes, the more she feels turned on by them. Her breasts feel heavy underneath her shirt, the way they look at her causes her sex to moisten. She lowers her gaze.
Oh. My. God.
They are fucking huge!
Excitement fills her veins. These were the kind of men women fantasize about, the kind that can turn a woman's head, the kind that other men envy.
Zaire places his hand under her chin to draw her face upwards to meet his gaze, kissing her. He tastes her plump lips, and strokes the side of her face. Tingles and small shock-waves rock her body to his simple touch.
And then he chuckles as he releases the kiss.
"Seriously? What are you guys waiting for? Take me already!" Alyssa quips.
"Are you taking birth control?" Zaire asks.
"Yes I am taking my fucking birth control. Thank you for asking. Now what are you waiting for? Chop chop."
"Such a bossy little thing, isn't she?" Caspian tugs her boots off and then her jeans, revealing her creamy flesh.
"Indeed, she is." Zaire's hand skims up the smooth skin of her belly, teasing her as he slides his hand up just below her silk-cup breast. "I love touching her, don't you?"
"Fuck, yes I do. But we'll stop touching her if she doesn't stop being such a brat."
Touching all the right places. Their fingers explore down her waist together, and Caspian goes further, thumbing at her quivering nub.
"I can be good!" Alyssa mews and gasps at the simple touch. And then it hit her harder than a lightning bolt. Somehow, the Nymph's Oath for her began early, right at that moment, as the first surge strikes her body and she goes into heat.
"Fuck! Son of a bitch! Take me, now. Damn it!" she cries out, bucking her hips.
"Ahhhhh! Shit, shit! Help!"
"You know, I've never seen the Oath effect someone this quick. It isn't supposed to start til tomorrow..." Caspian runs his hand through his hair, switching places with Zaire.
"Once we're mated its forever." Zaire groans, holding himself back from brutally fucking the living hell out of her.
"Yes! Yes, I know that, you tease. Forever. Always. Just remember that you wanted me, sass and all." Another surge hits, "Ahhhh! Help me, please help me. You don't have to claim me, just please. Help me. Holy fuck almighty!"
Her hands reach down to her snatch, rubbing her fingers over her clit.
"That’s my pussy," Zaire growls and rips her thong off, spreading her legs before him.
"Mine too." Caspian strokes himself up and down.
"You both really want me forever? What about my attitude? What if I accidentally sing? You haven't even known me that long. And I don't want to kill you..."
"Shut up, brat, and trust me. Trust us." Caspian grins down at her.
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The Nymph's Oath Book Four
18+ She was...Ours.

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