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He turned and ran back up the stairs. His cock strained behind his zipper. He hadn’t reached the sanctuary of his own bedroom before he opened his jeans and sheathed his erection in one hand. He closed the bedroom door already gasping, working his cock to orgasm. He leaned on the door and gave himself what he knew he must. The orgasm ripped through him and buckled his knees. He slid down the door, his T-shirt rumpling up at the back, but catching on his chest muscles at the front, his breathing heavy. Fucking hell…Drew squatted there to calm himself. Sometimes the peace of having an orgasm didn’t last long these days, and he’d be looking forward to the next in minutes.

Drew stood and strode to his bathroom. He cleaned up and looked into the mirror again. Get a fucking grip. With that thought, he walked over to his bedroom window, a wide double door that led to a balcony. It was still early enough for the street below to lack the throng of tourists, or the writhing participants of a festival. Drew leaned on the pale green wrought iron balustrade and looked down. He’d fucked a young woman against the rail two nights ago. He pictured her hanging onto the rail moaning, as he fucked her from behind. Drew shook his head, trying to clear it. They love it…they always come…I’m tender…caring…He left the balcony and went slowly down the stairs to the kitchen.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2015

#FREE  from multi-published author  #erotic #romance  #HEA 
Drew loves the ladies. He's gorgeous, talented, and always in demand. One New Orleans summer is set to change his way of life forever.
Marianne owns a new age shop where sometimes Drew helps. They've been friends since high school and even live in the same house. Strange happenings permeate the hot summer air as Marianne sells her spells and potions.

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