Can I just wander into the club naked? #WIP #eroticromance for #MWTease this week

 #MWTease this week comes from WIP , 'Incident at the Candy Apple'
Releasing later this year from Hot Ink Press

He stood and walked to the door. He turned around and held the door handle with his fingertips even though the rope bit at him. It took a few moments but he turned it. He concentrated on not letting it slip from his grasp, and bunny hopped to move the heavy door. Thankful he’d taken up weight training for stress relief, he dragged the door open, his biceps only straining a little, and slid behind it. Using his hard ass to keep it open, he stepped into the corridor. As the door closed, it hit on his fingertips. It was then he felt soft fabric under the soles of his feet. His pants were strewn on the tiled floor. He bent and picked them up, but of course, when he stood, they dangled behind him from his tied hands.
Jake took a deep breath. Can I just wander into the club naked? Maybe I should try the surveillance dials after all. A tremor of apprehension passed through him as he tried to open the door to go back into the room, in the same way as he’d opened it to get out.
Holy shit. 
He couldn’t do it. 
The fucking handle won’t turn. A smile tugged at his lips and then he started to laugh.
He looked down at his suit pants and still chuckling he sat down and started the strange activity of trying to get them on. He pushed one leg into the top and then the other leg. He had to do this three times before they were positioned so that he could shuffle the pants almost on, then do a hog tied type position to reach the waistband with his tied hands and drag it over his ass. Jake couldn’t stop smiling as he knelt, then stood holding onto his pants with a tenuous backwards grip. He managed to wriggle his cock into the side of the open fly. The smile left his mouth as he considered what a spectacle he’d be, but he padded down the corridor to the main area.
The low lights didn’t quite reach to the very side of the room and he hugged the wall in the shadows until he had to reveal himself in the white downlights of the small bar counter at the far end. A couple stared at him. Another couple smiled and looked away. The bartender, eyes wide, leaned across the bar. “Fuck me, Jake, what’s going on?”

Jake gave him a wry grin. “Girl left me like this. Get the rope off will you, please, Tom?”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 HIP 


  1. bahaha. Quite a tangle! Great tease.

  2. Wow, what a state to be in! I hope it was worth it before she tied him up. ;)

  3. LOL!! Oh my goodness! What a sexy tease! :)


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