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I write romance, erotic, contemporary, sometimes with a twist of suspense, mystery, or paranormal themes. Usually, I write romance between heterosexual couples, but a couple of months ago I started to write MM romance—gay male romance.
What happened to set me on this path?
Some time ago, a guy at work ‘came out’ to me after I saw him meeting his boyfriend after work. Of course, I took no notice at all as I’ve known several LGBT people and so what, but somehow he felt he had to bring me into his ‘secret.’ He invited me to have drinks with his boyfriend and the small group of gay guys they were going to hang out with.
Now I don’t get many invitations (smiles), what with my day job and trying to find time to write I’ve just about given up on a social life, (sad but true,) so, I accepted the invitation.
The group was made up of three other gay couples and my work colleague with his guy.
These guys were outstandingly dishy. Well groomed, beautiful men, and without exception, they treated their lovers like treasure. The tenderness and loving behavior between them struck me. I can honestly say I haven’t seen it in the heterosexual couples I know. For the most part, they seem to have abandoned tenderness in favor of games, control, or even enmity.
It’s not that I didn’t expect the gay guys to be loving toward their partners, it’s just that it was so lovely to see, so evident, so tender and sexy, that it contrasted hugely with the male/female stuff going on around me. I watched and it warmed my heart.
That’s what set me writing MM romance.

I hope you enjoy the snippet and cover reveal for April 23, Encompass Ink release, Heart in Chains, an erotic, MM, romantic suspense.

When Connor Douglas takes a tropical island holiday, he hopes to leave heartbreak behind. Little does he know the extent of the danger and sexual temptation that awaits him.

Long after Jay Levesque has closed down his operations on the very same tropical island, the memory of Connor haunts him.

Warm nights and scorching sex has someone’s heart in chains.

“Beauty as far as the eye can see, no?”

Connor straightened from leaning on the rail and turned to face the speaker. The impact from seeing the man beside him was so strong Connor couldn’t answer for a moment. He faced probably the most attractive man he’d ever seen face to face, because he couldn’t include the TV and movie stars he sighed over. They were unattainable and designated to daydreams. This man gave him an instant rapid heartbeat. An emotion close to fear slithered down Connor’s back. He’d never felt such immediate consuming attraction to any man before. As he choked out a few inane words, he soaked up the sight before him. Dark hair, cut in an ultra-fashionable style with darts shaved into the sides by his ears, eyes the color of turquoise, only they glistened with promise, his angular jaw rivaled Connor’s favorite TV actor’s, and his body—well, that made Connor’s cock stir.

“Yes, it’s all breathtaking,” and so are you, Connor added in his mind.

“Jay Levesque.” The hunk held out his hand to Connor as he spoke his name.
Connor hesitated to shake hands for a second. Somehow, he instinctively knew that touching this man would start him on some dangerous path. 

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016, Encompass Ink
I’m a writer who is in love with happy endings. Currently based in the UK.
I love: music, art, flowers, trees, the ocean...
I work with antiques by day and words by night.
Like a vampire, darkness is my friend, that’s when the silence is only broken by an occasional hoot of owls in the woodlands opposite my current home, and I write.
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