Heroic. Intense. Gorgeous. from guest #erotic #romance writer @AuthorAriel a new #BDSM release 'Dominant and Daring'

There’s never been another man like him in her life. Heroic. Intense. Gorgeous.
When reporter Cassie Pierce interviews Aidan West at the scene of an accident, she’s mesmerized by his deep blue eyes and laser-like focus. The fact that he pulled a pregnant woman and her small son from a wrecked vehicle after it plunged into a lake impresses her too.
Even though the interview between Aidan and Cassie is supposed to be all business, there’s an undeniable pull between them that proves too much to resist.
When Cassie agrees to go out with him she realizes Aidan has another side. Dominant. His intense focus carries over to the bedroom and she discovers Aidan doesn’t like to give up control. Aching for the pleasure that she knows he can give her, Cassie does something she’s never done before: submit.


“You want me to use these on you?”
“Yes.” Her voice was a whisper, but she couldn’t help it. Just thinking about Aidan using them on her set her adrenaline to rushing.
He stepped closer, removing them from her grasp. Aidan drew her tank top over her head and gathered it in one hand. As he stood in front of her with handcuffs in his right hand and her black lace top in his left she let her gaze take all of him in. His wide stance was uniquely masculine and completely determined. With a flick of his wrist he opened the cuffs, the metal opening with a loud clack. Her nipples hardened further as her excitement mounted. Aidan wielded the cuffs like he knew what he was doing.
“You like it when I restrain you.”
His gaze dropped to her breasts, no doubt taking in the stiff points of her nipples. He grabbed one of her wrists and gently wound it behind her back. Turning her away from him, he put his mouth to her nape. He nipped at her bare shoulder at the same time as he clamped the cuff around her left wrist.
“You like it when I dominate you.”
“Yes,” she breathed.
Aidan drew her right arm behind her. He put the other cuff around her free wrist, securing them into place with a click. Even though she knew she wouldn’t be able to move, she had to test the hold. She flexed her arms and felt the bite of metal into the flesh at her wrists. Knowing she was totally restrained and at his mercy drove her mad.
“What else do you like? What else do you want?”
Aidan wrapped his arm around her, dropping his hand at her sternum to hold her in place as he kissed her earlobe. He ran the lacy material of her tank top across her breasts. She bowed her back against him, pushing her ass against his erection. The light touch made her nipples tingle and ache. She wanted his hands and his mouth on her.
“Touch me. Fuck me. Bend me over the counter,” she panted.
“In good time, sweetness.”

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About the Author
Ariel Storm believes that fantasies are meant to be explored, on the pages of her manuscripts, and beyond. She writes erotic romance readers can sink their teeth into, covering everything from contemporary BDSM to paranormal. Ariel fell in love with all things paranormal, magical and mystical at a young age. Her obsession with the dark, dangerous and forbidden began in her teen years as a way to rebel against her strict religious upbringing. Visit her at authorarielstorm.com, find her on Facebook and Twitter.

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