She wanted something if it was only a kiss #erotic #romance #SnippetSunday

 'Leave me Breathless'
Be teased.

Rosanna took a deep breath. She wanted something tonight, if it was only a kiss. She walked to him. Her heels clicked on the patio tiles. A cricket sang loudly. Clouds scudded across the moon.

He turned to her as she reached his side. His gaze traveled from her head to her toes and back to her eyes. He smiled slowly.

Rosanna wanted no misunderstandings that night. She stepped close and pushed her arms up around his neck, standing on tiptoe in her high-heeled shoes to reach his lips. She molded her body to his and kissed him.

Seth returned her kiss, grabbing her ass to keep her body pressed to his.

The kiss sent her reeling into a haze of desire. She struggled to open her lust heavy eyes, wanting to speak to Seth. She tried to draw away from his face, but as soon as she broke a kiss, he pushed his face to hers, taking kiss after kiss. Her nose smudged against his cheek. She clung to him sighing with pleasure as he lifted her from her feet. She wrapped her legs around his hips and nestled her face in his neck as he carried her into the house and up the stairs to a private booth on the mezzanine floor.

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Evernight Publishing June release

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