Who is Jay Levesque? #MWTease from #MM erotic #suspense 'Heart in Chains' @EncompassInk

For #MWTease Heart in Chains Saturday April 23 release #MM erotic suspense

Connor closed his eyes, shuffled down, and leaned his back on the wall of the crate. He concentrated on happy thoughts, picturing the white sand and clear seas of the islands. Sweat trickled between his shoulder blades, and down into his eyes from his forehead. He wiped it away with the back of his hand, and ran his fingers into his hair to take it from his brow.

The minutes, the outside voice had reassured him with, dragged by, until Connor had to swallow down the need to scream for help. Then with no warning, the lid of the crate lifted with a loud cracking sound as it was levered open by something like a tire iron. Connor immediately began to scramble to his feet only to be lifted off them by two men. They bundled him along to the deck of the outrigger he’d taken that morning hoping to reach Gili in peace.
They dragged him, his tiptoes scraping on the wood, until they reached the side of the boat when they threw him into the ocean.

Connor had been too stunned by what was happening, and blinded by the brilliant sunshine that he’d not uttered a word, but now he hollered, “Hey … hey,” in outrage.
He hit the sea and sank with the force of velocity, and then he surfaced spluttering and paddled to keep himself afloat. Connor swam very well and he felt stronger in the water than he’d felt in the crate. He looked around crawling to a safe distance from the turning prow of the boat from which the men had thrown him. A speedboat was heading his way at the same time as the outrigger was heading away.

The craft neared and circled him. 
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016, Encompass Ink

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  1. Wow. Talk about a shock to the system! Well done.

  2. Great snippet, Elodie, and I love that cover!

  3. What a crazy situation! I'd like to learn more about how he got in the crate!

  4. Great tease! Is the new boat a good thing, or worse?

  5. Good glory! What the heck is going on? Great tease, Elodie. :)

  6. Oh my goodness. Fabulous tease. I'm all worried about him now!


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