Don't break my heart #SnippetSunday #PNR @HotInkBooks

“Ethan, I know what you are. I guessed and I still love you. I do love you. There, I’ve said it. I hope you don’t break my heart.”

Ethan shook under the stress of thinking she knew he was a vampire. How does she know? How did she guess? “You still love me? You accept what I am? I never expected this. I love you, too.” His lips trembled against hers as he kissed her. “I hope you don’t break my heart either. You can’t know how much that means to me, or how much I love you.” Happiness ran through him and he sighed as he hugged her.

Need a break from reality? Come out to play in StarZ 
Erotic #PNR Hot Ink Press release, vampires, warlocks and magical love. Kindle Unlimited 
4 stars on Manic Readers
'This is a cute little love story, not at all what I would have thought of a vamp story. I think you’ll like it...'

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