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MM romance muse Monday
(I wish I could credit these lovely pics but they are floating around various picture sites unlabeled)

The Dreamstime pics I used for the Heart in Chains cover could have been my muses, but I only found them after I'd written and had the story contracted .

I so enjoyed writing ‘Heart in Chains’.

Connor and Jay my heroes just gelled in my mind immediately as I considered the kind of adventure Connor might have on vacation in an exotic place such as Indonesia. Jay is a mysterious character, tough, driven, but on the verge of changing his dangerous life when he meets Connor. Connor is still getting over a relationship break up, but it’s been long enough and he’s tired of being single. His former boyfriend’s betrayal stays with him, but as soon as he sees Jay, attraction is seeded in his heart.

These two characters are dear to me. Tenderness lies beneath Jay’s composed and tough exterior and courage lies beneath Connor’s sexual vulnerability. I think both will surprise you as you read their story.

Heart in Chains new release contemporary novella
#MM #eroticromance #suspense Kindle Unlimited  from Encompass Ink.  Who is Jay Levesque?

 Muse pic for A Forever Kind of Thing  Encompass Ink Antho releasing September 

Read a sexy snippet

Will’s eyes closed with lust. His whole body responded to the kiss with wave after wave of melting sensation, until his legs weakened and the only thing that remained hard was his leaking cock.
Soft sounds, low moans, came from them both as the kiss went on. Kiss after kiss.
Soft merging lips, then a hard, searching, needy tongue drove all thought from Will until he rammed up against Josh, thrusting his erection and fighting for breath.

Josh broke the kiss and pushed his arms around Will’s neck. He murmured in Will’s ear.

“You’ll never know how long I’ve waited to do that … and more.”

Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass Ink

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