The answer hurt. His heart ached. #SnippetSunday #vampire #shifter @HotInkBooks

On the way to his place, Sascha fell silent. He considered the blood Melissa had given him. It was a lovely thought and a great gift, but where had she got it, and did she put herself in danger to get it. He glanced across at her as she drove. Although they’d only just met, he felt a deep bond with her. He had no doubt he was in love with her. When he told her he loved her earlier the truth of it rushed into his head, filled him up with longing to make her his forever somehow. He stared ahead at the road. Would she let him turn her? Then he sighed. Could he take away the sunlight she talked about enjoying? Could he make her dwell in darkness as she told him he did? The answer hurt. His heart ached, but the answer was no, he couldn’t do that. He loved her too much.
The Black Lion 4 stars
Reviewed By Natasha Jackson for Readers’ Favorite
... This short story from Elodie Parkes is a perfect fantasy combining love, secrets and a hidden enemy in just a few short pages. And the love scenes are as hot as I’ve come to expect of Parkes; they are just descriptive enough to make you blush and understand how a couple could so quickly succumb to their emotions. The Black Lion is short but it is well written... This genre is an acquired taste but Elodie Parkes gets the job done every time.
 The Black Lion from #HotInkPress #kindleunlimited

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