He wanted Ellie so much it scared him. #MWTease from #romance #suspense July release @HotInkBooks

#MWTease is from 'Finding Love: Incident at the Candy Apple'
July 1 release from Hot Ink Press
dark romance/erotic, romantic suspense
Jake’s a member of an elite club, the Candy Apple. Years ago, it used to be a gentlemen’s club, but now it caters for other needs. When he first sees Ellie sitting alone at one of the tables near the dance floor, he makes it his business to find out about her.
Jake’s enchanted by Ellie. He wants to give her what she needs.
Ellie takes him up on the offer.
The trouble is, Ellie’s needs will shock Jake and set him on a quest to find her, when after a night of passion and rescue, she slips away into the night.
Finding Love–a contemporary, erotic romance/suspense with a twist of darkness and an HEA.
What would you do to find love?
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He wanted Ellie so much it scared him. He wanted her to need and trust him, to let him give her the sex she must want since she frequented Candy Apple, a sex club. He knew he’d become obsessed with her. It’s because she’s a mystery. Tonight he was going to approach her. He’d waited long enough.
A couple he knew passed him on their way to a private room. Jake nodded in a silent greeting. The aroma of coffee filled his head as the door to the small cafĂ© in the club swung open—and she was there. The light from behind her displayed the delightful contours of her body beneath the scrap of fabric that was her dress. Her long nut-brown hair shone pale in the glow before the door closed behind her.
She passed him as she went to the small area where a number of tables were arranged.
He savored the sight of her shapely thighs as her dress swished high around them when she walked. He imagined stroking along each thigh to the curve of her ass. He wondered if she liked toys. He could show her how to reach such heights of pleasure with a vibrator buzzing on her lubed clit. What is she waiting for, he asked himself, as he glanced her way and saw her take a seat at a table.
He knew that sometimes she’d watch as other couples used the area to pet, to kiss, to ready each other for fucking. Maybe she’s a voyeur. The sex club accommodated many sexual practices. Swingers and couples simply looking to spice up their relationship used the place as well as those people rigidly following a lifestyle. They accessed the special rooms in the dungeon of the club, a place Jake had never been. He wasn’t a member of the Candy Apple Dungeon.
The club was filling up as Jake waited. One of the owners opened the doors to the dance floor and secured them with metal hooks in the eyelets attached to the wall. A series of still photographs were projected onto the huge white wall on one side of the room. They were pretty and sexy shots of pouting lips, bare asses, stocking tops, with the occasional soft porn pose thrown in to add an element of sexual surprise.
Jake stood and walked to where Ellie sat. 
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Hot Ink Press 
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  1. Great description, makes for an immersive tease!

  2. This sounds wonderful! Great tease!

  3. Woman, you can't end it there. I want to know what happens next. lol
    Happy new release, Elodie!


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