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For #ScintillatigSunday from WIP, Finding Love
Hot Ink Press July release

Jake’s a member of an elite club, the Candy Apple. Years ago, it used to be a gentlemen’s club, but now it caters for other needs. When he first sees Ellie sitting alone at one of the tables near the dance floor, he makes it his business to find out about her.
Jake’s enchanted by Ellie. He wants to give her what she needs.
Ellie takes him up on the offer.
The trouble is, Ellie’s needs will shock Jake and set him on a quest to find her, when after a night of passion and rescue, she slips away into the night.
Finding Love–a contemporary, erotic romance/suspense with a twist of darkness and an HEA.
What would you do to find love?

8# scintillating sentences

He whispered as she moved. “Tell me what you like. I want to give it to you.”
She nudged his nose with hers. The way he held her waist just about drove her crazy. “I want your fingers in me. I’m so desperate to come now I can’t think straight.”
He kissed her lips softly, lingering so sexily, she moaned. The kiss fueled her desire and she grabbed his head to kiss him hungrily.
©Elodie Parkes 2016 Hot Ink Press
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