Fate's going to need a helping hand to bring these two together #MMromance #gayromance #midweektease

Tom kept wanting to smile. He couldn’t quite believe how happy being with Scott made him. He showed Scott into his living room, and took off his jacket throwing it over the back of a chair. “Can I get you a beer, or a coffee? I reckon I’ve got bourbon somewhere.” He checked a wall cupboard.
“I’m okay.” Scott walked to be close to him.
Tom closed the door and turned to be face to face with Scott. His heart pounded as Scott pushed his arms around his neck. He gazed into Scott’s eyes. They held tenderness. Tom brought his lips to Scott’s. He brushed Scott’s mouth in a soft caress.
Scott dragged him closer and returned the kiss hungrily.
Desire, already warmed his stomach, now it burned through him and his cock hardened. He pressed against Scott, grabbing his ass to pull Scott’s lower body against his.
Scott smiled against his lips. “That feels good. You’re so sexy. I might need to suck you off right now.” He nudged Tom’s nose with his and bit softly along Tom’s lips.
A murmur escaped from Tom’s mouth. The bites sent sensation right to his cock. His balls tightened. “Come to bed, Scott. I want your cock in my hands. I want your hard body on mine. Fuck ... you feel so great.” He slid his tongue on Scott’s and thrust his hips to feel Scott’s cock bulging in the front of his pants.
Scott kissed along Tom’s jaw and down his neck. “I want you, too.”
Tingles shot down Tom’s neck. His eyes were heavy with lust. His cock ached to be sucked, or pumped. He broke away from Scott’s arms gently and took his hand. Tom brought him to the bedroom. He pulled Scott’s jacket off and started on his shirt buttons.
“I feel like tearing this off you.”
Scott gazed at him with dreamy eyes. “Do it.”
Tom dragged the shirt open. Buttons shot away and plinked onto the floor. He kissed Scott’s chest and licked around each nipple.

Scott groaned. “Hell.”
Copyright Elodie Parkes 2016 Encompass Ink
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