How could he find out her phone number? Jake's in love and will do literally anything to find Ellie #erotica #romance #teaserTuesday

Jake had his hand on the mouse when the assistant strode into the office. He snapped his head up to look at her and just about jumped away from the computer.
She stared at him for a few seconds and then an expression of amusement appeared on her face. “What are you up to, Jake?” She sidled toward him.
Of course, Jake knew Paula, and in fact, in a fugue of despondency, a couple of weeks after being dumped by his girlfriend, he’d made out with her in the corridor. They hadn’t gone very far, but Paula made it clear then she wanted to.
Jake sighed. “I couldn’t remember if I’d paid my membership fees this year and I came along to check…”
Paula gave a puzzled half-smile. “You would already have received a reminder notice. What’s really going on?” She stood very close to Jake.
He wondered if she’d give him the information he wanted about Ellie as a favor.
“Where’s Charlie?”
Paula gazed at his mouth and then looked back into his eyes. “Coffee break. I’ve only been gone a moment or two. Were you watching me?”
A frown creased his forehead. “No, no. I wasn’t watching you.” He held his hands up to show innocence and that’s when he saw the knowing look appear on Paula’s face.
“You want something. Spill. Charlie will be back soon.” She trailed her fingertip along his cheek.
Jake saw it in her eyes. She’d give him what he wanted, but she wanted something in return.
“I need the phone number and any other info about Ellie, the one who tied me up and left me in room two. Do you know who I mean?”
Paula grinned. “I do and I will give you what you want for a price.”
“What?” Jake already knew from the way she traced her fingers up and down his chest.
“Half an hour with you–no holding back–in a room–tonight. I’m free at two.”
Jake sighed inwardly. She was a pretty, shapely woman, but he didn’t know if he could do much since his mind was full of Ellie. He made a snap decision. “Sure. I’ll meet you in the bar.”
Paula moved away. “You’re not stalking her for nefarious purposes? I’m not handing her over to be violated am I?”
Jake shook his head vehemently. “Hell no. I mean her no harm at all. I promise.” His hand went automatically to his heart.
Paula took his arm and steered him to the door. “Two a.m. in the bar.”
“Yes.” Jake strode off to the stairs. He didn’t want to meet Charlie stepping out of the elevator on her way back from her coffee break.
He checked the time on his cell phone as he wandered back to the bar—one-fifteen. Jake had forty-five minutes to mull over what he was about to do. He wondered how much Paula would want. Jake weighed the need to find Ellie against giving Paula the sex she obviously wanted. Why am I hesitating? This is why I belong to Candy Apple. Hell I’ve been to a private room with a lot of girls—well, quite a few. I love sex. I love women, but I want Ellie. Yeah, and that’s why I have to do this.
Jake hung out, and then danced with a young woman, who talked dirty into his ear as she snuggled next to him on the couch after the dance. He told her he was waiting for someone and eventually she drifted off. Jake went to the bar. He stared at his reflection in the mirrored splash back.
Paula appeared beside him and grabbed his ass.
Jake turned to her. “You’re here.”
Paula smiled. “I am, and I have what you want.” She waved a piece of paper at him.
Jake took a deep breath. “Let’s go to a room.” He took off toward the corridor where the private rooms were.
Paula followed him.
Jake saw a green light shining over a door. He went into the room, but swung against the wall, and turned the dial to close the video surveillance off. He waited for Paula to enter and then he closed the door. He put his finger to his mouth to make sure she knew to keep her voice down. It wouldn’t be okay to have Charlie know about this tryst.
Paula turned down the audio. She walked to him. “Here you go.” She took his hand and pressed the paper into his palm.
Jake read it. Ellie’s name was Jameson and he recognized her address, but there were two phone numbers for her and her car license plate number. A sigh of relief escaped him. Surely, I’ll be able to contact Ellie with the phone numbers. He jammed the paper into his jacket pocket.
Paula eyed him speculatively. “I’d like to fuck you. That’s my price. I hope you’re good for it.”
Jake nodded, but didn’t feel very much like fucking.
“Undress for me.” Paula sat on a chair to watch him.
Jake took off his clothes and stashed them on the table that held toys, condoms, and Kleenex.
Paula beckoned. “Get over here.”
Jake obliged. When he stood in front of her, she stroked his cock, up and down, and then around his stomach muscles and back to his cock.
Despite everything, Jake’s cock stirred under her fingertips. When she bent and took the half erection into her mouth, a murmur escaped him. It felt good. He allowed himself to enjoy the sensation as she sucked his cock hard.
She stopped and stood before him. She turned and moved her hair for Jake to unzip her dress.

Jake kissed her shoulder as her dress slipped down and pooled around her feet. He unclipped her bra and she pulled it off. Jake turned her and lapped at her nipples. Her soft murmurs of pleasure sparked something in him. He wanted to give her what she needed. She had to need it, to be doing this—trading information for sex was probably a firing offense, and I’ll get banned from the Candy Apple. He hooked his thumbs in her panties and pulled them down her hips. He bent and kissed her stomach.
Copyright Elodie Parkes Hot Ink Press 2016
New release erotic romance
Jake’s a member of an elite club, the Candy Apple. Years ago, it used to be a gentlemen’s club, but now it caters for other needs. When he first sees Ellie sitting alone at one of the tables near the dance floor, he makes it his business to find out about her.
Jake’s enchanted by Ellie. He wants to give her what she needs.
Ellie takes him up on the offer.
The trouble is, Ellie’s needs will shock Jake and set him on a quest to find her, when after a night of passion and rescue, she slips away into the night.
Finding Love–a contemporary, erotic romance/suspense with a twist of darkness and an HEA.
What would you do to find love?      Also Available on KindleUnlimited

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