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He approached slowly. “The river is hard to resist. I swim here sometimes.” About a pace away his breath left him when his gaze alighted on the V between her legs where her thighs met as she sat on the end of the jetty. The breeze had picked up the end of her shirt, blowing it back to display the black silk panties she wore. They stopped way below her hips and an expanse of creamy skin greeted his hungry gaze. He couldn’t tear his eyes from the enticing sight. Her voice reached him through a fog of lust.
“You live in town then?”
Joshua raised his eyes to her face. She showed no signs of knowing he stared at her body, or of worry that she showed off her panties. Well, if she were swimming, she’d be wearing a bikini, so I guess I’d be ogling the same kind of view. He smiled at his thought and her, a flood of some warm emotion mellowing his previous bad temper. He drank in the sight of her, her huge golden-green eyes, pert button nose, those luscious lips, the endearing sprinkle of freckles across her cheeks, and the silky tendrils of hair caressing her lovely neck. He’d never felt anything like the rush of intense desire and tenderness that forced him to squat beside her. “I do live here. I was born here.” His cock was hardening and the squat helped him disguise the bulge in his jeans. A sigh rose in his throat. His wolf nature knelt before her. How good would it be to kiss her? How would it feel to sink my cock in her pussy? She’s so lovely. Lovely wasn’t a word Joshua used too much in his life, but now lovely echoed in his brain all the time. He quickly licked his suddenly dry lips. “I’ve not seen you before. Are you a tourist?” Lovely one, he added in his mind.
He shuffled to sit close and took off his boots. Without rolling up his jeans, he splashed his feet into the water and the faded denim at his ankles darkened. He turned his head to enjoy the sight and sound of her, whoever she was, because he hadn’t yet discovered her name, but that didn’t matter, she was his, she’d be his. He only had to reach out and claim her. This was his mate. Certainty settled on him.

* * * *

Dani Cruz gazed down into the river where the wildly gorgeous man wriggled his toes in the water. Without him noticing, she hoped, she’d counted the ways he was delicious. Tall and so ripped, her mouth had watered thinking about trailing her fingers and tongue up his abs. His eyes were the most remarkable shade of blue. Dani remembered a Crayola she’d owned as a child called periwinkle blue—that was it—the color of his eyes. And his eyelashes—to die for, dark sweeps against his cheeks as he’d momentarily closed his eyes. She ached to touch him and run her fingers in his thick dark hair. He couldn’t be more than twenty-seven, but there were already silver strands among the dark and that intrigued Dani. There’s something hidden within him…unless I’m mistaken—something very like me and how welcome that will be. I can’t tell for sure yet, not with my sense of smell so diminished. I need to get closer. Mmm…
The bottom of a swirling black tattoo peeked out from under one sleeve of his T-shirt and as he’d hunkered down, she caught a glimpse of another pattern low on his stomach. Temptation clawed at her. She imaged tracing her finger down the pattern into his jeans, and contacting the delicious erection she knew he’d tried to hide. The thought forced her nipples to peak even in the warmth of the day.
He’d stared at her with such frank desire and sexual need in his eyes it made her pussy clench. She’d almost reached out and run her hand along his delicious jaw when he squatted close to her. Whoever he was she wanted to know him. She wanted him in a way she’d never experienced. The atmosphere between them sizzled with sexual attraction. If I’m not careful, I’ll simply jam up against him as if we’re magnets with opposite poles.
She chanced looking at him again. It felt as if his blue eyes bored into her soul as they locked gazes.
His pupils darkened and widened.
The urge to touch him grew to a pain in the middle of her body.
The man spoke.
Dani watched his lips move, lust growing within her to a pitch that scared her. Her pussy throbbed and cream drenched her panties. What had he said? She dragged her attention to his words.
“Well, are you a tourist?” He repeated his earlier question.

“No. I’ve moved here for a time. My company will be regenerating the town. I should introduce myself…Dani Cruz.” She held out her hand.
Copyright Elodie Parkes Siren Bookstrand 2015

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