Maggie Decker visits the blog with #PNR #LGBT #romance 'Just Desserts'

Adam took this job to stay out of trouble. He was happy with his life and didn’t want to start anything that would change it. Staying out of trouble was a great plan, right up to the moment he saw her. 

Mariam can do it on her own. Her wolf abandoned her long ago and she learned to live without her. She has spent years making sure she belongs to no known pack and never will. 

Ben has loved his life with Adam, but he has to wonder, is there still a place for him in Adam’s new life?

Things haven’t been right for a while now. Attacks have happening between normally friendly people, and that is just one oddity. On top of that there is a crazed mutant that seems to have a desire to kill and memories are haunting more than one person of a similar crime. Can Mariam make sense of it all? But more importantly can she learn to take help from the people around her. Will she realize she’s no longer alone?

Can these three survive being thrown together for life? And more importantly, when things start unraveling and people start getting hurt can they come together to help save the innocent or are hurt feelings going to win?

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